What old TV Shows need to have a "Reunion" Show?

Sometimes the series finale wraps the show up into a nice little package, like Newhart did. It was all Dr. Bob Hartley’s dream.

And then other series finales don’t do the series justice. Few people like the Seinfeld finale and some never got an official series finale like Married with Children.

Besides Seinfeld and Married with Children, I would like to see a reunion of Cheers, and Roseanne.

I would like to see Drew Carey Show reunion.

For Seinfeld, the entire last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm might be what you’re looking for.

I always though Yes, Minister would have been a good candidate for a reunion show, if the writers could have come up with a worthy script. I picture the Prime Minister taking a stand on some issue, with every bit of scientific fact, moral imperitive, and public opinion behind him, and being forced out of office because of it.

Too late now, for multiple reasons.

I think Gilligans Island except only three are left alive- The Professor, Ginger and Mary- Anne.

I wonder if the Professor is still as sexy as he was then.

For me it’s two TV shows:

LA Law- The cast is mostly intact and I loved the show back when.

China Beach- Most of the cast have regular gigs on TV and this was another “can’t miss” show that I loved.

He’s 85 so probably not.

*Married With Grandchildren *would make a great show. Or movie.

LA Law did have a made for TV movie several years after the show ended.

LA Law the movie

I’d love to see a Cheers reunion. I think all the major cast members are still alive, and dammit, the characters were all so warmly written and engaging that I’d like to find out how they are all getting on.

That 70s Show. It would be good to see both Danny Masterson and Laura Prepon again.

Plus Ginger hates the Island.

As I have indicated on this board before, I didn’t like the MASH* finale. I would have like to see the problems that the 4077 staff had re-integrating into civilian life. Yes, I know there was plans for After MASH* but IIRC that show was pretty “safe and vanilla” to cash in on the success of MASH*.

I really wanted to meet Hawkeyes father and Charles’ sister. Was Peg Hunnicutt really the hot babe that we saw in BJ’s Anniversary episode? Whatever happened to Frank Burns? And how did Henry’s wife get along with the rest of her life. Did she an affair with the homely OB-GYN that lived next door. Damn it those are questions I wanted to see answered.

I think the less seriously a show takes itself, the more workable a reunion. So scripting a satisyfing Married with Children or Seinfeld reunion might not be that hard…MAS*H or China Beach would be tougher to write.

I love the notion of a Newhart reunion, but alas, it’s no longer possible.

The other day I was thinking (while watching the Simpson’s) how cool it might be to have the creators of the Simpson’s make an animated series where in each week they do a whole episode of different sitcoms form the past. Cheers, Bewitched, Married with children etc…

It sounds cool to me anyway. However with out recurring characters that the general viewers could grow attached to, I doubt it would be much of a success.

Anyway, I’m gonna go with Star Trek’s DS9.

Yeah, but as long it’s set in “modern times”. I was disappointed that we never got to see a real flash forward to the present. Eric & Donna as a middlge aged couple with teens of their own, Red & Kitty as elderly grandparents, Jackie living in a trailer park, etc. Hyde would either be dead, in jail, or a far right born-again uber-patriotic Conservative Christian. Not sure what would happen to Kelso, but Fez and Laurie actually having a child together (linking Fez to the Forman family forever) would be interesting.

Kelso would be a rich business tycoon, having “accidentally” invested in a company that made it big, a’la Forrest Gump.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a “Magnum P.I.” reunion show by now, especially since Tom Selleck’s career hasn’t been thriving of late.

John Travolta probably wouldn’t go for it, but a “Welcome Back, Kotter” reunion would be fun, too.

Agreed that it would have to be set in the future. Eric and Donna would’ve turned into Kitty and Red. Jackie’d be chasing after Fez, as would many other women, while he would remain a playboy. Hyde probably would be a conservative, upstanding member of society (and former vet). Kelso’d have become a college professor. Laurie would undoubtedly end up a pastor’s wife.

I always loved the Gunsmoke / Matt Dillon reunions. They did four Matt Dillon movies in the early 1990’s.

James Arness still looks pretty good. Here’s a recent interview. I’m ready to see him ride a horse again.