Reuters- al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claims "chemical weapons launch" into Israel



Dammit. I might as well get my uniforms ready to go, because if this is true this is going to be a full-scale war. I don’t know what Israel’s policy is about WMDs, but if it’s modeled after ours and they did fire a chemical weapon there’s going to be one big explosion somewhere in Gaza sometime soon.

For Christ’s sake, how did things go so bad so quickly?

So quickly? This is only the latest assault on Jews.

Having said that, this could be really, really bad.


My thoughts exactly.

Two words: Hamas.

Nothing will happen yet. But when the first verified chemical weapons attack happens…

Boom what? It’s not like Hamas has a chemical weapon factory pumping out hundreds of tons of Mustard Gas or anything. A few chemical shells fired by folks who don’t know what they’re doing will probably kill as many people as their conventional rockets do, usually zero, one if they’re lucky. Using chemical weapons might up the rhetoric and send a few more Israeli tanks into Gaza, but I doubt Israel will nuke Damascus over it.

Now these bastards are the kind of people that we should ensure that they become what they claim to be.

Still, I would prefer capture and trial to show the world that indeed they deserve death or prison (denying them martyrdom drives those people nuts)

So far the reports only mention that the militants affirm they did so, but there has been so far no confirmation from the supposed targets. I’m hoping that whoever said this was only bluffing, but bluff or not, they deserve what is coming to them.

Frankly if confirmed, I would now angrily wonder why we spent all this time concentrated looking for WMD in the wrong places.

I agree. I think the chances of this ignited M.E. War I is small to zero.

Who do ya nuke for a terrorist attack? Exactly how close to your own territory do ya set off a nuke? I can see Israel kicking some serious ass over this, but using special weapons seems…unwise…in this circumstance.

I hope no one here is suggesting that any kind of retaliation against civilians in Gaza would be justified – especially not a nuclear retaliation.

That kind of over-developed sense of entitled vengence is (I think) the root of the problem on both sides there.

I’m leaning toward agreeing with you here. When I saw the news I figured it just had to be some sort of propaganda. A southern town in Israel, remote, no confirmation. Yet. We’ll see.

On the other hand, I can’t say I’d be suprised if it is true. And what’s a little chemical spillage amongst people that willingly strap a bomb to their chest and board a city bus? Or, at least, strap a bomb to their children?

Was the alleged missle launched from Syria? Or are you melding two different news stories? This ME conflict is so new and sudden it’s hard to keep up.

Well no shit, Cleuseau. Wasn’t there some sort of fake news story about Israel relinquishing territory to the Palestinians? Maybe this proves they shouldn’t have. Look what it gets them. Damn Jews and their peace efforts. They can’t do anything right! Go Palestine, go!

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I have no idea what any of that is supposed to mean. So you’re for killing civilians or against it?

That’s my feeling, too.

Has anyone actually been confirmed to have been killed or harmed yet by this alleged “chemical weapons launch”?

More than anyone else here, I hope not. I hope this is phony.

All the same, a known terrorist (the real thing) organization has claimed responsibility. BS or not, someone’s going to pay.

No, Damascus has a lot of Hamas leadership living in it though, so I guess it would be a target for retaliation (indeed Israel responded to the current kidnapping crisis by flying jets over Damascus, so they obviously think Syria has some culpability). But I was just using “Nuke Damascus” to mean “do something really crazy in response that triggers a major war” which seems to be what people up thread were suggesting would happen.

Nope, from Reuters

As Duffer said, it may very well be propaganda on the part of the militants, or a miscommunication between the leadership and the fighters in the Martyrs Brigade

I haven’t seen a specific town named as a target, either.

Err…so as not to misinform, the Martyr’s Brigade is apparently a Fatah outfit, not Hamas. The soldier kidnapping was done by a group more closely linked to Hamas, though not Hamas itself.

I feel like I need a flow chart.