Rev. Felcher

There’s a character called “Reverend Felcher” on the old “All in the Family” series (talked about in absentia but never appearing himself.) Just thought someone might get a bang out of it.

Rev Felcher was talked about for a long time in much the same way as Edith’s friend Sybil Goulie (or however her name was spelled). He did appear in at least one episode, however (also as did Sybil Goulie), protrayed by an actor named Will B. Able, whose most notable acting credits include playing the genie in a made-for-television adaptation of “Aladdin,” and the giant in a made-for-television adaptation of “Jack and the Beanstalk,” both musicals.

Actually, it was Rev Fletcher, but Archie always called him Felcher. :slight_smile:

Rose (I’m not nit picking, I swear.)

Actually, it was Felcher, but Archie always called him Fletcher.


Yes, I’m picking :smiley:

I just barely remember this, but what a great catch, no matter the details! Snickered madly until it dawned on me I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what felching is if it weren’t for this place. And in some ways I’d still rather not know.

Oh, well.