Rev. Peyton's BIG DAMN BAND!!

Whooo! Man I love MySpace, because I might not have heard of these guys otherwise. The name of the band is funny because there are only 3 people in the band. Rev. Peyton plays the guitar and dobro, his brother Jamye plays drums and his wife Breezy plays the washboard.

I happen to be mainly into sensitive female singer-songwriter-musicians, but I have eclectic taste in music, and I can appreciate a great down-home, dance-your-ass-off swamp blues band when I hear one.

ROCK THE FRICKIN’ HOUSE!! If you can listen to all 3 songs and not move a muscle, you ought to see a doctor, because you might be dead!

For those not familar with MySpace, the music starts automatically after you open the page, so it may not be work safe. Unless your co-workers want to dance.

sniffs underarm Do I stink?
Aw come on! Is no one going to click on the link and listen to one of the BEST DAMN BANDS ever?

You don’t know know what you’re missing.

Ok, this is a zombie thread, but it’s MY zombie thread, so maybe it’ll be ok that I bumped it. I’ve mentioned the Big Damn Band on the Dope several times (here, here, here, here, here, and a few other mentions), since this first post.

gaffa’s mentioned them a few times (which is not surprising since I turned him onto them). NailBunny mentioned them once.

That’s pretty much it, that I could find. Since the day I first heard them I was convinced they were legends in the making, and they’re getting there.

They’re signed to Flogging Molly’s label, and now, they’ve been interviewed on CNN! The clip doesn’t do their music (or the Rev’s playing) justice at all, but hey, it’s still being interviewed on CNN!

I just thought that was so cool I had to kick this thread.

They’re touring Europe now! See the MySpace page in the OP. Really, they shouldn’t be missed, especially if you like to bounce and dance.

By the way, I wish I’d put a winky smiley at the end of that last post. That’s how I meant it, with a smile, not pissy as it came off.

I saw these guys at HOB Chicago. Very entertaining! Boom Shank!

Someone on the SDMB knows Peyton - I will have to check my thread subscriptions and see if I held onto the thread where someone posted some links and talked about hanging out with him.

Peyton is a great player - love his technique!

Yay, responses! bobo t, we’ve seen them at the HOB a few times too. They haven’t played the main foo foo room (yet, anyway), they play the Back Porch, which is how I like it. It’s a much better atmosphere.

big grin That would my my husband gaffa. I discovered them on MySpace in 2005 (as per the OP) and got him to listen, then we met the band when they played Chicago next. There were only 6 people in the audience and 4 of them were there to see the next band. We’ve since seen them a couple dozen times. They tour like maniacs on speed and are building up a following that now extends to Europe.

Through people my husband knew, we got them hooked up with some Kansas City folks and now the band has played there several times. This post by gaffa has a great video link to the band playing a school and showing the kids how he does his phenomenal guitar technique.

They’re really nice kids too (and they are kids, to me, early 20’s even though they sound like they stepped out of the past). As humble and sweet as could be, just gems. And all that talent!

Usually, I’ve very skeptical about this sort of “best band ever” thread, but these guys do sound awfully good.

That was it! Thanks - and I didn’t know of the **Equipoise/gaffa **confederacy! So that clears things up :wink:

And yeah, RealityChuck, if you dig this kinda music, they are the real deal…

Yeah. I’m a sucker for the blues. :slight_smile:

Trying to figure out their genre, I have to use analogy:

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is to Delta Blues as Flogging Molly is to Celtic.

They take a genre and rev it up to 11.

Someone mentioned Rev. Peyton in a thread on great hand picking guitarists a bit back. They were the only band mentioned in that thread that ended up getting added to my music collection in any significant way.

Sugar Man is actually my favorite song, of what I have.