Beware of cute little girls! (Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band, funny video)

I have to share this video from the band’s new album. I laughed when I saw it and I think others will enjoy it too. They’re not usually the kind of music I listen to on a regular basis, but I love 'em to death. They’re a lot of fun live (they’re touring now) and are the nicest people.

“Devils Look Like Angels”

Full disclosure, they’re friends of ours. We first met before they quit their day jobs, sold everything and hit the road, and now they tour like crazy, play huge festivals in Europe, are signed to Flogging Molly’s record label, and are doing very well. I’m so proud of them!

It’s a good song, but doesn’t really show off Revs guitar chops, which are considerable.

A friend recently pointed me toward “Left Hand George” and I cannot. Stop. Listening to it. Will definitely be checking out more of their stuff.

You gotta see them in concert. They tour like mad, and put on one hell of a show.

Thanks for the new band!

Fun and swampy; nice groove. He’s quite the player.

I’ve been a fan after someone raved about them here on the SDMB. The Reverend is a hell of a guitar player.

Thanks for listening WordMan and Rhythmdvl. I’m so glad you like them.

Isn’t that little girl great? Beyond all the Devil things she does in the video, I love how she struts down the alley in time to the music.

Btw, if you let the video play on after the song is over, there’s an unearthly (and a bit creepy!) surprise about 20 seconds later.

Didn’t know they had a new CD out.

Have now purchased it.

All is well.

So my mom came up to sit with the Dudeling while we head to vacation. Was showing her and Mrs. Devil the video on the kitchen computer, a 27" wall-mounted touchscreen hooked into a sizable pair of speakers in the ceiling (the Devil’s house is a bit nutty about sound).Video “ended,” everyone enjoyed it, and I was telling them how I heard about it, blah blah bla—WHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT?!
On vacation now in Key West, doing a bit of work in the room before heading out—brought a pair of portable speakers (told you we were a bit nutty about sound) and thanks to Rhapsody, their catalogue is pushing into the room. Every song’s been a winner so far (“the Money Goes” is on right now). Also just added him to my Ticketmaster favourites.

Love it when a Doper’s music suggestion really hits. Again, thanks~

Ha, ooops, I probably should have mentioned that in the OP.

Ah nice! You’re very welcome.

I like just about everything they do, but my favorite songs are still the first ones I heard, because they introduced me to the band. Good songs, coupled with nostalgia: “My Old Man Boogie”, “Plainfield Blues”, “My Soul To Keep”, and “Aberdeen”. You definitely want to get their Big Damn Nation album at the earliest opportunity.

Their first album, The Pork’n’Beans Collection, has some of the same songs, but that was made before the Rev developed his deep, growly voice, and the vocals are very different. Good, but different. Not as raw and swampy. His growly voice fits their music much better.

Hmph, YouTube is giving me the “Sorry an error occurred” for that clip.

Uh oh, keep trying. I just clicked on the link and got the video. Or you can search YouTube “Peyton Big Damn Band Devil”. The first link I got was an audio-only track, and the second was the video.

Edit to add, or try the word Angels instead of Devil, because they also have a song called “DTs or The Devil”

Forgot to mention that that little girl is a fan of theirs, and the two boys in the store are cousins.

The Washboard player is Breezy, Rev’s wife. The current drummer is Rev’s cousin Aaron ‘Cuz’ Persinger. Rev’s brother Jamie was the drummer for the band’s first few years, but he got tired of life on the road, got married and settled down. There are still several videos up with Jamie playing.

Here’s a short video piece about them getting ready to sell everything and hit the road full time. The guy in the video is annoying but it’s fun to watch.

Finally got YouTube to show me the video.

Yeah, that. The song had a nice groove, very infectious. The vid had great production values and looked really really nice, kudos to whoever shot it. Nice job and quite fun.

Guitar geekery, non-geeks ignore: I’m trying to figure out how everyone was tuned playing the song. There was a secondary audio track that was doing octaves over Rev’s swamp notes (esp. apparent during the solos). The final note was five steps below guitar low E, but I don’t think Rev was playing that low, so there’s two tunings involved. Anyone?

Did you click on the link that gaffa gave in the 2nd post? Watch that and you’ll have your answer. There’s no secondary audio track.

Well, I could be wrong of course, but after seeing them live a couple dozen times I’m used to them getting a really big sound out of drums (or a bucket), a washboard and Rev’s playing bass and melody at the same time.

Here’s a nice video of him teaching his style to a music class. A bonus is them performing “Plainfield Blues” (my favorite song) and another song.

Found a video of them performing the song live and it sounds the same.

Here’s another, though worse quality.


I’ve helped the band set up and tear down at shows (and shot video of them many times) and can guarantee that there are no effects pedals of any sort. The only box on the stage is a 3-way switch to choose which guitar he is going to play. After that, straight into his amp. A few years ago, he added a bass cabinet that is usually located on Breezy’s side of the stage.