Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z (Part 1)

Go Ahead, Hate On Orson Bean

Howdy Judy Time

I Resent Any Hating on Orson Bean, Tami, Blawnox, Stoats or Quokkas, In That Order

Just Orson Bean. Oh, And a Parakeet

Killing Parakeets

Loving Orson Bean Ain’t a Sin

Missing Orson Bean Every Day

No. Orson Bean, However, Probably Thinks Yes

'Orse ‘n’ Beans


Peculiar Wibble.

The Queer Ducks

Re-Nude Licenseers

Silly Gits

Tami and the Tanned Trio

Underneath Orson’s Bean Tree

The Vast & The Spurious

What What What

Xuf and the Whoppers

Yakoff and the 9999 Band.

Zamfir’s Embouchure