Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z (Part 2)

The Turd Polishers

The Unusual Usufructs

The Visually Vituperative

The Wailing Wallabees

The X-otic Xenophiliacs

Yowling Yehtgeisht

Zero Degrees … (Slogan — We’re a really co-o-o-ol band)


The Audio-Animatronic Carrots

The Blurst

The Cantaloupe Repairmen

Desirable Dingleberries

Every Other Name has Been Used But This One

The Forgetful a…er…a

Get Yer Yia-Yia’s Out!

Hollandaise Inn

Isuzu Powered Horsey Ride.

Jalapeño Squirts

The Kewl Beans

The Lima Beings