Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z (Part 2)

Dammit, Have All the Good Names Been Taken?

(I first thought of Dummkopfs, but it turns out there’s a real band by that name. Then I thought of Doobie Sisters. No band, but there’s a Colorado dispensary by that name. Then I thought of Draupnir. There are THREE bands with that name. I guess my ideas are not very original today.)

Elem Ennopy and the Queue

Frank Burns Eats Worms


(I was in a band called “Frank Burns”)

Habitat for Insanity

I Played In A Zombie Band

Jello Brand Spiritualism

Kellog’s Frosted Napalm

Let’s All Vote Democrat

Male America Gassy Again

The New Deep Sunshine

For those drawing a blank on Deep Sunshine, these guys.

The Old Deep Moonshine

Pink Floyd Wright

Question My Authoritah

Resistance is Futile


Sentient But Soulless Snickerdoodles

Talking about Fight Club

The Undersea World of Jacques Pepin

Victimized by Stoats feat. Tami

Wednesday Morning at the Stoat Factory