Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Wave Hello Sit Down Breathe

Xhale, Count to Ten, Inhale, Count to Six

Yurt Yak-a-rack

(Mongolian Burt Bacharach tribute band)

Zizter Zuzie’z Zaxophonez

Aerodynamic Stoats

The Buggy Bumper Tiny Baby Brass

Call Me Crazy, But I Really Thought I Could Sing

Damn quick band namin’ Deloooiiser

Elbows Can Surprise You

Funky Cold Maderna

Grecian Formulae #5, #8 and #11

Have Oui Got a Song for Ewe!

Ingots of Lead

Jambalaya Jazz

Krinkle Kut Fries.

Loch & Load

My Little Stoat

Möbius Strippers

Nubile Cuisine