reverse cellphone lookup

okay… so i’ve got this guy who owes me money. need to track him down. got a cellphone number that i can call him at but when hes in town its always off for some odd reason… is there any way i could find a reverse-number lookup like with a land line that would get me his address or alternate means of contact?

Nope. And if this is a prepaid cell phone account, such are truly anonymous. Small children can get prepaid cell phones. Even an extraterrestrial could if they could get their hands (or tentacles) on hard cash.

They speculate that is how Osama had been communicating right after 9/11. Using prepaid cell phones once or twice and then throwing them out. Untraceable. He probably isn’t even doing that anymore since the service is so bad in the area of Pakistan he’s in and the fact that all communication in that area is being closely monitored.