Reverse control maze

Thread your way through a simple maze by moving an onscreen icon with your mouse.

Sounds simple? It is - except for one thing. Your mouse controls are reversed in direction.

eta: People playing at work should be advised the game makes a loud noise whenever you hit a wall or complete a maze.

Hold the mouse upside down


Actually you can just hit Ctl-Alt-Down Arrow.

Damnable thing. Not as horrible for me as playing a FPS shooter game with normal controls because that is more time sensitive. My muscle memory says pushing forward on a joystick should make the crosshairs in a sight drop. I can sort of force my way through the maze. An FPS where I have to react quickly…

“AHHHHH Nazi cyborg zombie up on the ledge with a rocket launcher!!!”
Looks at my feet
Looks straight up
Gets confused and starts spinning around while alternating between staring at my feet and staring at the sky
Dies as nausea is starting to set in

Man, I just can’t move straight. I think that my brain is automatically trying to correct for the unwanted side-to-side movement when I trying to move down, which of course means going even further to the side.

That’s the problem I kept running into. With a reasonable amount of concentration, I could keep the icon moving in the primary direction I wanted by moving the mouse in the opposite direction. But if there was any lateral movement, I’d subconsciously try to correct it and I wouldn’t be thinking about doing that in the opposite direction.

I imagine I’m flicking little bits of mass out the back of the square which forces it to move in the opposite direction. That allows me to control it grossly but I still struggle with fine and instinctive corrections.