Reverse Pitting: Non-spamming example of excellence

I was totally delighted to receive this email from Gamespot:

What a lovely idea! And despite the fact that GameSpot’s email isn’t currently very useful to me as it’s mainly PC games, I will click and continue to receive it.

If only the other myriad of email newsletter senders could follow their example.

When you think of the thousands of letters going into dead hotmail accounts, forsaken by spam-weary users, things like this are a brilliant idea.

Wow! I love GameSpot now!

Having said that:

-7/10. 5 for subject, 2 for rl response. But you need more feeling in the rant.

Now that’s proper marketing. How many people will mention this to a few others (as you’ve done)? Spreading the word through doing things properly is good advertising.

Shade - will try to do better next time!

Crusoe - you may be right, however, they deserve publicity for this one. It’s such a good, positive idea.