Review of rental cottage

I am going to review a lakeside cottage I’m renting for vacation. I’m torn between, “decorated throughout with inspirational messages” or “littered with religious glurge.”

Why not use both? that’s what “and/or” is for!

Combine them “decorated throughout with religious messages” It doesn’t offend the religious, and lets people who aren’t know what they are in for.

Actually, it’s not. Both would be “and”.

This and/or that=either (this or that) or (this and that)

Both options contain [this,that]

I’d phrase the comment positively, or at least neutrally, if the plumbing and electricity worked. But do you really need to say anything? Are there picture of the cottage at the booking site?

Sigh. But only one contains both.

i will bring coffee and tea. I will bring both coffee and tea.

I will bring coffee or tea. I will bring one, coffee or tea.

I will bring coffee and / or tea. I will bring coffee, or tea, or both.

Both - and
Either - or
Not sure, depends on if I get to the store - and/or.

Bolding mine.

I am not talking at both tea and coffee, I am talking about both combinations of tea and/or coffee.

The summer cottage was “decorated throughout with inspirational messages” and/or “littered with religious glurge” depending on your point of view.

This “cottage of the Lord” was assertively decorated with imported Christian bric-a-brac and wall art. The unrelenting presence of Jesus watching over every move will bring comfort to all righteous guests, although it may make sinners uneasy."

Also the coffeemaker is cheap and needs replacing. It overflowed several times during our stay. Good pillows.

“The hellfire and brimstone make the place somewhat less than comfortable.”

Use this sentence in the review:

…but entitle it “What’s with all this inescapable religious bullshit?”

Oddly enough, the rental for the week was $666.66.

Is this a commercial rental property, or someones cabin that they rent out when they aren’t using it?
If the latter, a brief mention, not a full on attack against someone’s personal choices/beliefs.

If the former, bash away.

“Tastefully decorated with religious glurge.”
“Thus us the finest effort I’ve ever seen to make religious glurge aesthetically attractive.”

"Basically, a nice place to get away, but let’s face it: even Jesus spent 40 days alone without a single framed poster or cross-stitched verse in sight. It leads one to ask: what, exactly are the owners afraid of happening in this cottage that guests constantly need reminding of God’s eye upon them?

Oh, and the coffee pot needs replacing. Overflowing coffee pots can make even a Carmelite sister whisper bad words."

I agree with the sentiment of this post, though I’d probably stop short of bashing. I am curious how many religious artifacts represent a glurge, a word I was previously not familiar with. How about a tally or enumeration of the inspirational/offensive items?

Glurge isn’t a quantity. Glurge is the term for overly sentimental stories, sayings, and emails that end in preachy or corny endings. They’re meant to pull on your heart-strings. Decorative glurge would be littered with puppies and rainbows, unicorns and fairy farts. ASCII angels are a primitive form of decorative glurge. The Red Shoes Christmas story is quite possibly the ultimate glurge, though I’m willing to concede that there may be worse. (Please don’t share. I’ll take your word for it.) On facebook, the words to look for are “If you have or had” a mother, daughter, cat, dog, grandchild, groundhog, possum, truck, bike, or stomach flu blah blah blah “then share this!”

Glurge is meant to be shared in the same way that dysentery is.

Exactly this.

The reader can read into whatever he/she wishes.

“My partner and I were comforted by the fact that no matter where we chose to make love we were under the watchful eyes of Jesus.”

Although it’s true that there are several trite little messages here and there, my question here was more tongue-in-cheek as I would never actually post my second option, even if that’s how I feel. No need to trash people. I was just being a smartass.

The sentiments are more or less tasteful–no velvet crucifixion posters or anything really in-your-face. Just little flowery things like “May you hear God’s voice in your heart and feel his love every day blah blah blah.” The whole area is a center for Methodist retreats so it is not surprising that the owner is religious. (Lake Junaluska, NC) But if I were renting a place out all season I would keep the decor message-neutral.