Revisionist or facts?

From: . The page contains a long list of interesting tidbits (I bet a lots of those could be debunked too!) about WWII, but I kind of jumped when I read the following. Is this true or some kind of revisionist? I doubt the author would write up such a long page just to pass on these and I can’t really verify these by myself. Oh well, that’s what happens when you don’t know your world’s history I guess!

I’ll start this post off by stating quite clearly that I am not a revisionist or holocaust denier or anything of that ilk; denying the holocaust is like saying the earth is flat.

Having said that, I have been to Dachau and it is true that THOSE chambers weren’t execution chambers, they really were just showers. Dachau was mainly a holding camp to keep prisoners before moving them on to the concentration camps, rather than an end destination. As such the showers were for hygene purposes and the ‘ovens’ are actually just crematoria. If you’ve seen them you’ll know immediately that they are way to small to have played a significant role in Hitler’s Final Solution. However, this is in no way to say that there weren’t plenty of the other sort of camps, showers and ovens around in other camps.

BTW, holocaust denial is indeed a crime in Germany, as is making the Hitler salute and a number of other gestures and affiliations associated with the Third Reich.