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I do not respond to nonsense posts, but I will respond to any post that is relevant to the particulars of the OP, and I also try to quickly chase down evasions if there is any substance to them at all, e.g. where did the Jews go?

So, I’ll repeat the initial post, and I assure you, I won’t run away. All the links in this post are to photo sites, if you want to see the pictures you have to access the site.

Let me suggest, if you can’t provide some sort of argument against the particulars of the OP, don’t post.

A short proof that the holocaust , that is, that millions were killed in gas chambers, is a hoax, follows.

For the crime of murder we need a body and a weapon.

The US sent teams of forensic pathologists into the camps immediately after the war. The team was led by Dr. Charles Larson. Larson did not find a single body showing signs of gas poisoning. None have been found by anyone at any time.

There were six alleged ‘extermination camps’ (soon to be 5 I think as Majdanek will be removed from the list). Four were razed before the end of the war. Two are still standing, Auschwitz and Majdanek. Both have visitors tours that culminate in hoax gas chambers. How do we know the gas chambers are hoaxes? They have unbarred glass windows, among other things. See for yourself at



The Auschwitz hoax gas chamber is a room in a crematorium. The Majdanek hoax gas chamber is a delousing room where Zyklon, pellets producing cyanide gas, was used to kill lice in clothes to prevent typhus. These delousing ‘gas chambers’, whose purpose was to save lives, were the inspiration for the ‘homicidal gas chambers’ of the holocaust lies.

Thousands died of typhus in the camps, particularly at the western camps that had received a huge influx of prisoners from the eastern camps at the end of the war. Pictures of these typhus victims are presented as evidence of the holocaust. Many of the photos were taken a Belsen, not a death camp, at the end of the war. For pictures of Belsen at the end of the war that will never appear in the media see…

Even assuming for a minute that Zyklon was not used in the death camps, what about the ovens, the photos and movies of the Jews that were rescued, or the items made from humans (lamps made from skin)?

Without digging up photos of my own (are you requiring me to do so?), are you saying these things did not exist, or do they exist but are outside of any made up holocaust?

Please see the thread in comments on Cecil’s columns on the human skin lampshades. Cecil calls them a ‘legend’.

Four days after the US/Brits took Buchenwald Billy Wilder was on the scene filming a ‘documentary’ that continued the propaganda. All sorts of lies were told and became ‘documented facts’, including the lampshade, the human fat soap, and even shrunken heads.

Then, if you don’t mind, please return to this thread and acknowledge that the lampshades are a hoax.

You’re missing the point. You still haven’t proven anything other than you know how to read from antisemitic sites.

It’s not that you haven’t been replying - it’s that you haven’t been replying with content.

I give this one 10 more minutes.

Thomas Dodd at Nuremburg with a shrunken head.

  1. Where did all the Jews go?
  2. Your pictures seem irrelevant seeing as they are of the reconstructions - if I recall correctly (I can’t view them).
  3. How is it really any better to round up all the Jews, put them in ghettos, beat and mistreat them, then ship them to ‘waiting stations’ where they died in mass? I suppose it’s slightly better as not as many would have died, however even if this were the case, the Nazi’s should still be the subject of scorn and derision.
  4. How do you explain the mass of reports (not the two or three reports you’ve read)?
  5. How do you explain what Elie Weisel did include in Night? Was the treatment of the Jews in that book ‘good’? Have you tried to contact Weisel to get his first hand account?
  6. Who is behind this conspiracy? If it’s the Jews, why are non-Jews helping them?
  7. Where’s the smoking gun? Right now, you don’t have a case; just some complaints about eyewitness testimony and some windows on a reconstruction.
  8. Is your problem with the assertion that they were gassed or that they were killed in mass? That is to say, if we accepted the claim that no Jews were killed via gas, that 6 million were killed by starvation, shootings, etc, would you accept that?

I think you’re better off reading this topic (made in your honor):

Goodbye, Allan.

The idea of the Holocaust is that millions were killed, whether in the gas chambers, by gunshot wounds, or by inhumane conditions in concentration camps. If only 999,000 were killed in gas chambers, that does not mean that the Holocaust was a hoax.

I’m surprised you posted this sentence again, since it was repeatedly pointed out in the other thread that it’s entirely false - you need neither a body nor a weapon to prosecute for murder.