The holocaust is a hoax ....

A short proof that the holocaust , that is, that millions were killed in gas chambers, is a hoax, follows.

For the crime of murder we need a body and a weapon.

The US sent teams of forensic pathologists into the camps immediately after the war. The team was led by Dr. Charles Larson. Larson did not find a single body showing signs of gas poisoning. None have been found by anyone at any time.

There were six alleged ‘extermination camps’ (soon to be 5 I think as Majdanek will be removed from the list). Four were razed before the end of the war. Two are still standing, Auschwitz and Majdanek. Both have visitors tours that culminate in hoax gas chambers. How do we know the gas chambers are hoaxes? They have unbarred glass windows, among other things. See for yourself at



The Auschwitz hoax gas chamber is a room in a crematorium. The Majdanek hoax gas chamber is a delousing room where Zyklon, pellets producing cyanide gas, was used to kill lice in clothes to prevent typhus. These delousing ‘gas chambers’, whose purpose was to save lives, were the inspiration for the ‘homicidal gas chambers’ of the holocaust lies.

Thousands died of typhus in the camps, particularly at the western camps that had received a huge influx of prisoners from the eastern camps at the end of the war. Pictures of these typhus victims are presented as evidence of the holocaust. Many of the photos were taken a Belsen, not a death camp, at the end of the war. For pictures of Belsen at the end of the war that will never appear in the media see…

And don’t even start me on that crazy Potato Famine malarky.

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Insult and evasion are the common tactics used when it’s not possible to lock up anyone who questions the holocaust.

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Before the war there were three million Jews in Poland alone; at the end of the war, only a few thousand. Many Polish gentile civilians were killed by the war, of course, but not in anything near those proportionate numbers. If the Nazis did not put all those Jews to death, what became of them? I have never heard a Holocaust-denier answer or even acknowledge that question.

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They… lied… to… us!

OK I have a question that I’ve always wanted to ask about this topic to those claiming hoax.

Why do you need the holocaust to be a hoax? I mean beyond the usual pat answers of wanting to find the"truth" and all.

What is it in you that made you believe that all the prior evidence was a big lie and what do you get out of it if it was indeed the hoax you claim it to be?

Seriously, why would anyone be so obsessed with the idea of a hoax that they would try to discount eyewitness accounts, the actual hard evidence and testimony by the people actually involved?

what’s in it for you… honestly. Deep down what is it you’re really trying to sell?

I generally avoid demographic arguments as there is uncertainty at every point. However, I’ll refer you to “A Brief Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism” by Arthur Butz, which begins …

I see three principal reasons for the widespread but erroneous belief in the legend of millions of Jews killed by the Germans during World War II: U.S. and British troops found horrible piles of corpses in the West German camps they captured in 1945 (e.g. Dachau and Belsen); there are no longer large communities of Jews in Poland; and historians generally support the legend.

For Butz’s comments on the matter see the short paper at …

Of course the matter has been treated extensively elsewhere, but, like I said, I avoid demographics.


I hate to introduce logic into this thread, but what the hell: How does the OP explain the Kapos and other witnesses to the gas chambers? There are survivors (lots of them) who have given very compelling accounts of the gas chambers. They’ve described how they herded people into the gas chambers, loaded up the Zyclon B, then cleared out there dead bodies after the gassings. There were also Germans who corroborated these FACTS. Are they lying too?

Oh and what about all the photographs? As far as I know they didn’t have Photoshop in the 1940s.

How does this jibe with the memories of hundreds, or even thousands of people, who saw healthy (relatively) people marched into buildings and then never saw them alive again?

Or are they lying?

We’re waiting.

(You surely don’t believe that the few links and assertions in the remainder of your post constitute proof, do you?)

Eyewitness testimony is the real kicker. There’s no escaping it.

I await with breathless anticipation the forthcoming post in which you will explain how six million European Jews all died in separate, unrelated automobile accidents from 1933 to 1945.