Rewarding careers you long for. Top 5.

1 being the most rewarding…

  1. Writer (children’s books and/or sci-fi)

  2. Actor

  3. Teacher

  4. Psychologist

  5. Film Director

(subject to change)
Note: It doesn’t have to be things you are good at. It can be things you wish you could do.

Feel free to elaborate on your choices (in fact I encourage it)

  1. Oil baron

  2. Geophysicist

  3. Proprietor of a T-shirt shop on the beach

  1. Independently wealthy investor.
  2. Gentleman farmer.
  3. Owner of a succesful small brewery.
  4. Lottery winner.
  5. Hermit.
  1. Pediatrician
  2. Concert Musician
  3. Biologist
  4. Plant Nursery Owner/Manager
  5. Wildlife Refuge Manager
  1. CGI animator/director for Pixar. Or Red Storm Games.

  2. Owner/brewmaster of a succesful small brewery. Beer is one of life’s great pleasures, and I’d love to be able to devote my life to it.

  3. Pirate. Y’ get your own sailing ship. Y’ get t’ loot, rape & pillage. AND you get to say, “Arr!”.

  4. Astronaut (for which, of course, I have to be a jet pilot first)

  5. But mostly, right now, I just want to be the graphic designer I’m trained to be. Somebody HIRE ME, dammit!

  1. Used Bookstore Owner

  2. Animal wrangler (for film)

  3. Cinematographer (my degree is in film production)

  4. Professional Artist (that makes money)

  5. Art teacher.

  1. Heart surgeon
  2. National Geographic photographer
  3. Mountain/rock climbing guide
  4. Professional traveller
  5. Writer
  1. Houseboy for some rich sexy woman.
  2. In her will.
  3. Writer.
  4. Foreign Correspondent for a respectable news agency.
  5. Bar owner in some exotic country.

Writer - newspaper column
State Governor - don’t know why
Sought after executive consultant

1 surgeon
2 professor (with someone to grade the papers for me)
3 successful novelist
4 elected politician in an arena in which lobbyists, honoraria, and PACs have been outlawed
5 courtroom judge with the power to reject arbitrarily any precedents or arguments made by attorneys that strike me as specious

Oops! I forgot a couple more for me–

5 b stunt-person for action films
5 c gigolo with clients who have been screened for (absence of) STD’s, (presence of) good personalities, and reasonably attractive bodies
5 d psychiatrist (female patients only)

  1. Published novelist (hopefully one day… the plot is resolving itself nicely in my notes…)

  2. Journalist- especially one uncovering big important news stories

  3. art teacher

  4. martial arts teacher


these are just the ones i’d like to do. the people who i most admire (and envy, becuase i know they’re not going to suddenly wake up one day screaming “I’ve wasted my life!”) are:

  1. doctors and nurse of all kinds

  2. lawyers who do pro bono work, and/or try to people on death row aquitted

  3. foreign aid worker

  4. teachers of all kinds- boy, those kids can be tough!

5.scientist working on cures for diseases

  1. Rock star, probably singing and playing guitar
  2. Governor
  3. Clothing designer–finally I would design clothes that are not hideously ugly like the vast majority of clothes today
  4. Costume designer for historical movies/theater
  5. Food critic for large newspaper/magazine

–Director of wildlife refuge/sanctuary/organization that saves animals
–President of the US

Oh I forgot, owner of a really cool pub or bar. Or owner of a nightclub with live rock music.

  1. Writer
  2. Caterer
  3. Archaeologist
  4. Bookstore owner
  5. A Mom

I’m trained in the 3rd, and speak 5 languages, but I would up in marketing. Go figure.

  1. TV Chef
  2. Food Writer
  3. Martial Art Teacher (or Marital Art Teacher maybe)
  4. Museum Curator
  5. Masseur, Alexander Technique Practitioner


Guy Who Feeds Monkey.

Guy who feeds Guy Who Feeds Monkey.

Monkey Living in Guys Head

Guy Who Feeds Monkey Living in Guys Head.

Medical Examiner.


The jobs I’d love to have:

  1. Writer (essays and nonfiction)
  2. Fiction writer (probably sci-fi)
  3. Artist (drawing/painting)
  4. Cartoon script writer/comic book writer
  5. Historian

I guess I’m a writer in the sense that I’ve had stuff published in very small local journals, but I’d like to be a writer in the sense that I make money off of it. :wink: Also, although it’s not a career, I’m working on becoming fluent in Japanese and having at least a little skill in Chinese.

My mother ran a used bookstore when I was younger. It mostly involved trying to explain to people why their giant box of used Harlequin romances wasn’t worth $50…