Rewrite the end a book (or movie)

Ok, first things first:


Now that is out of the way, I have recently found a fun game to do that mildly annoys/amuses my girlfriend. I will insist that a given book ends with the title as the last phrase of the last sentence that sums up the entire work.

For example:

“…and that’s how Elizabeth and Darcy overcame their Pride and Prejudice.”

Its corny and hacky as hell, and that’s why I love to do it. It unfortunately lead to me laughing at the most inappropriate time and the end of “The Hours”.

So the point is to create a two sentence, at most, new ending of book or movie that contains the title as the last words. You can go for hack or as serious as you like.

I will post my entry after a few of you give it a try!

*bonus points for pointing out books and movies that DO end in this manner.

Ok! I’ll bite. Original ending italicized:

"He reached the top of the bank, in a single, powerful leap. Hazel followed; and together they slipped away, running easily down the wood where the first primroses were blooming. They emerged from a copse, into a clearing that lead on to the river Test, and the Stranger said, “It’s right this way, if you’d still like to see.” Hazel’s tharn was obvious. “How will we cross?” The Stranger gave him a cunning look; it seemed so familiar. “Friend, do not worry,” then Hazel followed his gaze over to the abandoned, weathered raft, for so long sitting on the shore like dried hraka, “we can take that watership down.”

The End.