RI nightclub victim question

I watched alot of the news coverage on the fire and was heartbroke to hear about all the deaths. I was wondering if the mother ever found her daughter Dina DeMaio? She was working at the club to make some extra money as a waitress. The news article here says she wasn’t able to tell her grandson of his mothers possible death. That was on Saturday of last week. But I haven’t been able to find her name on the victims list. Does anyone know if she made it out or if she is in the hospital? I didn’t know her, but was touched when I seen the news coverage that showed her giving a big smile toward the camera before the fire. I sure hope she made it. Sorry ahead of time if I am in the wrong forum.

ashkicker, i keep looking for her name as well. what a beautiful smile.

has anyone heard? rasa? eutychus?

No, so far she doesn’t show up on either the victims list or the hospital list (as of the listing in today’s paper.) However, there are still a handful of victims who have not yet been identified.

I just went to the list of victims and her name has been added. They must have just updated it.:frowning:

I’ve just spent a sad half an hour, following all of the links provided for some of the victims. It’s amazing how a little twist of fate can mean life or death. The girlfriend of one of the victims had gone to her car for cigarettes and when she turned around, the building was gone, and so was her boyfriend. My heart really goes out to all of these people. How very, very sad.

kelly viera died yest. afternoon.

there are now 98 to be remembered.

I heard on CNN one night that the waitress (Dina) did not make it out, and this was confirmed the next day by one of the survivors who knew her. This story has affected me more than it should, I guess.

Just think of how many times all of us have probably been in the same situation, and what if?

It is terribly, terribly sad. My prayers are with all the survivors and the families of those who had no way out.