Ribera's painting "The Death of Adonis"... help me research it

I have to write an 8-10 page paper on this painting. Tomorrow I meet with the professor, after which I will have a much better idea of what the paper is supposed to cover, and tomorrow I also plan on going to the university library and enlisting the help of the librarian in charge of art history… however, I know this is a learned group of people and thought that it was worth a shot, if a shot in the dark, to see if anyone here happened to have any ideas for where to look.

Artstor.org doesn’t have the painting, that I can tell. I can’t seem to find any articles about the painting. I can go to the Cleveland Museum of Art and look at the painting (and already have once, but will do so again) but I need more to go on and I’m kind of panicking at how little I’m finding online.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what other avenues I might explore? (I can come back tomorrow with more specifics about the paper.)

I have read some biographical data about Ribera, but would like to read more. I have read about the mythology of Adonis, but other than that I haven’t done much :X

Does the museum have a library? I used to be a museum’s art librarian, and we had a huge vertical file with stuff on the collection, and students were always in there using it for research.

Yes it does, and I’m probably going down there on Thursday.

You’ve probably already seen them but here & here are links to a couple articles about Ribera.


Is this it?: http://www.superstock.co.uk/stock-photos-images/262-1981
That’s a goody. So Baroque it hurts. So is the paper a research paper, or something like a stylistic analysis?
There’s one work (I assume in English?) on him, Alfonso Perez Sanchez and Nicolo Spinosa, ‘Jusepe de Ribera’ (New York, 1992) and an older (1952) work by one Trapier. One of those might have some info. If you get onto BHA or Jstor or something see if Jonathan Brown’s written anything on him (I suspect Brown stays IN Spain for most of his subjects, though).

I doubt you’ll find anything written specifically on this painting (a good reason for your prof to have chosen it (I do the same thing)-- you’ll be forced to do a synthetic study). You might focus on his Italian-livin’ influence from Caravaggio rather than anything contemporary in Spain, or widen out into how he’s doing classical themes.

That first book you listed is actually sitting on my couch. Heh. And yes that is the painting. The paper is supposed to be 6-8 pages, give a background of the artist, an analysis of the painting, provide context for the work, etc.

There’s a catalog of the Cleveland Museum (at least one) from 1984 or so that includes an entry on the painting (but questions the attribution without a lot of comment).
Learn anything more today?

I didn’t look into it today; I was working on stuff for my other art history class on Gothic Cathedrals. I have a 12 page paper due in that class. Oy!