Rice Bread Needs A Flavor

Dumb question, can you not take a portion of the rice goop and do a sourdough rise in a refrigerator for the flavor rather than hoping to get a rise [knowing that gluten is the reason for the rise, but I am thinking that letting yeast colonize more of the dough overnight might help improve flavor]

Got a recipe to share?

(Bolding mine) I can totally see adding nutritional/brewer’s yeast, but have you actually tried Marmite or Vegemite??? :joy_cat: I personally can tolerate it, but it’s pretty vile to a lot of people.

This sounds intriguing!

The yeast is mostly interested in the starches and sugars in the dough. Wheat does, of course, contain starch but some sort of sugar is often added to dough as additional yeast food. The gluten doesn’t get yeast-digested, if it did, it wouldn’t form the supportive structure.

Yes, probably - just tip-toed around the 'net and found that g-free sourdough is a thing. A fiddly, drawn-out thing, by my standards. I love the way sourdough tastes, but…not to insult dedicated sourdoughists, but I think I’ll reserve this exploration for a future when my bread supply is secure.

I will shortly post a recipe - I want to arrive at a flavor, first

They have gluten…rice toasting later today, maybe.

I think I knew that the gluten doesn’t get destroyed in the ferment, brain/mouth disconnect there. My recipe uses added sugar, and since the rise is vert short - 20 to 30 minutes from mix to oven - I suspect the yeast only has time to consume the sugar. Might try brown sugar soon.

Thanks, all - Dan

Not Marmite, but vegemite … yes. My issue with vegemite wasn’t the taste (I liked it a good deal) but the texture – it was apparently dried out and was difficult to get out of the jar I had.

But anyway: in post #2 up above, I was thinking of using Marmite or vegemite as an add-in of the recipe’s liquid (presumably water). So think of it more as a suggestion to use “vegemite broth”, as it were.

I see no reason the same can’t be done with nutritional yeast flakes, though. I guess you can either mix it into the recipe’s liquid (make a “yeast broth”), or else just throw the flakes into the blender as you’re preparing your rice batter/dough.

Dang, forgot I’d already found that Veg has a gluten-free version, so I’ll put it on my order list, because I’m dangling out here on the end of the supply chain, with not much chance of finding anything “exotic”. Thanks for the reminder.

I do have a “vegetable broth powder” by Frontier that I’ve been using to bolster my soups and stocks. This might be a thing to add.

Thanks - Dan

Update on the horrible results. Did two bakes, same recipe, using a large pan, and both fell disastrously, the fate my Grandmother warned would befall the cake if we didn’t tippy-toe. Large pan is 5x9x2.5. Yesterday I divided the batter between 4 pans, 3x5x2, and repeated my earlier success. BIL and I are thinking that it may be a volume to surface area, all that moisture trying to escape through a surface (large pan) that’s only 3/4 the total of the small pans.

Or maybe the project is cursed by Peter Wheat. BIL suggested that half-way through the bake I put some slashes in the top of the big loaf, after it’s firmed up, to let the steam, or the demons, out. I’ll try that tomorrow.