rice or potatos

simple question, long arguments with room mate

Potatos or rice

Rice. It’s easier to spell.


Rice… if it’s prepared.


Not enough info. Need to know what you’re eating.

Example 1
meatloaf + potatoes = good
meatloaf + rice = WTF???

Example 2
KungPow chicken + rice = good
KungPow chicken + potatoes = WTF???

What kind of potatoes? Mashed, boiled, fried, baked?

What kind of rice? Wild, white, instant, fried?

It is a bit of a silly battle, because there are far more great applications for either than there are dishes where the two are in direct competition

Dear roomie and i are fighting because we’re iong food shopping soonish and she wants to buy rice while i want to buy potatos.
her argument, potatos a tastless and require too much butter and salt to make them otherwise.
my argument, rice is tastless and bland, not as satisfying to eat and i like butter and salt

Probably ought to sober up before posting.

perfectly sober

I’m going to take exception with zoid’s assertion, but that’s probably because I’m Cantonese and show it very heavily in my eating habits. Rice with meatloaf is good.

I personally like rice. Eating potatos as a staple food seems really boring to me, despite the dozens of ways you can prepare them, but rice is good, because it isn’t as heavy, and if you mix something else into it, it tastes like all that something-else. It’s good at making a lot of cheap food and a little bit of expensive food taste like a pretty good chunk of expensive food.

I’m one of those people who lives on the very edge of sane behavior by buying and eating both at different times! And furthermore, I eat what I want to eat and don’t try to influence the eating decisions of others!

It’s amazing that I’m not dead or in a federal penitentiary by now. Mayhaps our world has become overly liberal.

Incidentally, you can make rice highly tasty. About 1/4 chicken broth/water mix instead of plain water is good, as is a small square of butter on top of the rice before you cook it.

You can pilaf it if you’re feeling particularly elaborate. That’s still quite healthy.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for rice, sometimes I’m not.

I’m always in the mood for potatoes.

Buy both. They’re cheap. Or you buy potatoes with your money and she buys rice with her money.


How about a compromise: noodles or pasta?

thats fine but we also cook for each other, what one cooks the other eats. This never used to be a problem, don’t know why it is now



That’s just wrong (bolding mine) :smiley:

Unless you’re running a restaurant, you each eat what the other cooks. If she wants rice one night, then she gets to cook it and you get to eat it. If this continues to become a problem then cook for yourselves.

Don’t get so hung up on the small stuff if you guys want to remain roomies.