Richard Jewell is dead

He was only 44.

Looks like complications from diabetes.

Poor SOB never caught much of a break in life.


Is there some way we can round up and falsely accuse a bunch of the officials who persecuted him? Kind of an “in his memory” thing?


There’s still a lawsuit pending against AJC…can his widow continue the suit?

I like (not) their reasoning, “At the time, he was considered a suspect, so we were justified in smearing his name all over Georgia.” :rolleyes:

He said that Oprah Winfrey was the only person who ever gave him a public apology for referring to him as the bomber, and that it meant a great deal to him. Consequently he turned down attorneys offering to sue her for him, but he did have lawsuits against other media outlets (I think some, unlike AJC, were settled out of court).

Sad he died so young, but I’m not surprised. The last time I saw him on a show he was easily 150 pounds overweight.