Richard Simmons

Is he really gay or is it just his shtick?

I always thought his Whose Line Is It performance more or less confirmed he was gay.

I didn’t realize there was ever a question about it. It’s not like he’s trying to fool anyone…

Neil Cavuto had him in studio today. He went from being hilarious to being in tears.

His real name is Milton. What self respecting gay man would change his name from Milton to Richard?

Well, the evidence seems to indicate that Milton/Richard Simmons would. I think he respects himself, and he does seem very stereotypically gay…

…besides, Milton just seems like the name of an evil genius obsessed with board games.

He’s such a baby!

You’re asking whether I’ve heard of a gay man who prefers Dick?

Why do you care?

Dressed like that? :wink:

Years ago, I met a male hustler in LA who claimed Richard Simmons used to be one of his regular customers.

Take it for what it’s worth, but it is not like he was bragging or anything, it just happened to come up in conversation. Besides, who would want to share that unless it was true? Bragging about having sex with some closeted hot Hollywood stud, sure - but bragging about having sex with Richard Simmons? Unlikely.

I was about to say “Nobody could be that great an actor.” But then I remembered Eric Stonestreet.

The A&E series Biography had an episode on Simmons years ago. The narrator stated that Simmons was so shy in high school and college-due to his weight-that he would not date girls, then so busy later he never had time. I think that everybody who watched it had the same reaction I did: “Yeah, that’s the reason. He’s too busy… just like Tyler Perry and James Franco.”

Franco? Huh, didn’t know that.

And if he went by Dick you’d have a point. Er… wait… that came out wrong

You forgot the link.

Don’t really care if he’s gay or not, but I would be interested to know what his personality is like off camera. Is he generally an enthusiastic, energetic type and his camera persona is just a bit of an exaggeration, or is he actually a much more calm and sedate person and his camera persona is completely different?

I don’t have a clue what his essential orientation is, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that he has consciously chosen to be non-sexual/asexual. Some people do choose to live that way, for personal, physical, emotional, or religious reasons (etc.), and it is a valid personal choice. He comes across as an incredibly kind and loving person.

A profile that may help answer this question.

Great piece!