This just in! Gay man is gay! [Ricky Martin comes out]

Ricky Martin has decided to tell everyone what they already knew. Story. My friend came over to me at work and said, “You’re not going to believe this,” then proceeded to tell me something that I did, in fact, believe.

That is all. A little MPSIMS in Cafe Society, folks.

Ricky is clearly starting his April Fool’s day Foolin’ a couple of days early. There’s no way he’s gay; the way the decorator who travels with him fixes up his dressing room it’d do John Wayne proud, and I know for a fact he only uses rough rocks in his hot stone massages.

Plus he’s said he isn’t gay.



Do ya think it’s even possible?

I just assumed he’s asexual, like Anderson Cooper who is clearly asexual if you’ve read his memoir. (Anderson says he doesn’t discuss his private life due to journalistic integrity, except in bestselling memoirs of course.)

So a heavy tool went deep inside him and set him free. Nothing gay about that.

Story here:

Maybe he and Lance Bass will start something, eh? Eh? :slight_smile:

Wow. Who knew?

Everyone. :slight_smile:

You’re right :slight_smile:

Arrgggh…I searched for “Ricky” and “Martin” in thread titles in CS but didn’t get any results.


I haven’t been this shocked since I heard about Liberace.

Does anyone still give a damn? How long has it been since he’s had a hit, fifteen years?

Have the media inundated J-Lo for a comment yet?

No, but Ricky is said to be engaged to Liza Minnelli.

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Must…not…go…for obvious joke…

[Cleavon Little]Oh you must… you must[/Cleavon Little]

I’m somehow guessing “Closeted Celebrities: What Finally Makes them come out of the closet when everybody has long since figured it out?” will not be the topic tonight on Anderson Cooper (especially if Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock have started dating and or been attacked by whales).

I don’t understand why people say “everybody knows” that Anderson Cooper is gay. I have no clue if he is or not, nor do I know if any other reporter might be gay. Are there really people who follow the dating lives of news anchors? Are these people followed around by paparazzi? Are there entire gossip rags dedicated to the love lives of CNN reporters?

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I think Martin could do a LOT better than Lance Bass.

I suspect what happens with people who have persistent gay rumours about them is that they are persistently gay. Maybe they date someone of the same sex, maybe they are seen holding hands or something, and everyone around them knows they’re gay, but they’ve never confirmed it publicly, and no one has really outed them, so they’re in the “everybody knows” category.

[mango] Oh what the frick!!??! Liza Minnelli is a sexual magnet for straight men! [Mango]:stuck_out_tongue:

HMPPH… :rolleyes:

In ENGLISH, in the US, then yes, of course, he hasn’t had a hit in years.

But Ricky Martin got his start over two decades ago in Latin America, singing in SPANISH, and he is still well recognized and famous. He has sung in various concerts with different artists, and his most recent (non-compilation of hits) was in 2006, an MTV Unplugged CD. Awesome, strong album.

His also involved in humanitarian causes, and is a goodwill ambassador to UNICEF.

Now, everybody else knew it, duh. It’s not a surprise.

I thought he already came out when he adopted those babies?