Ricky Martin - GAY?!


Seriously though, they think this is news? I thought he was gay anyway.

This may have been a revelationa decade ago, but now it’s just kinda yawn worthy.

OK, if my husband (who pays no attention to current culture) heard this, he might say “really???” But then again, that’s what he said about Jodi Foster, when my niece and I were discussing her a few months ago.

His gaydar. . . . . . .it malfunctions.

How could one NOT tell that Ricky Martin was gay?

News would be if he was hetero. “Ricky Martin to marry woman.” That’s a headline, folks.

Well I’m surprised. A little. I suppose only because I imagined him as a Rico-Suave Antonio Banderas-type (TOO SEXY!!), slaying women worldwide with just a look or a curl of the lip.

Man, was I wrong!

I don’t see what the difference is rather some one is gay or not as one’s sex has nothing to do with their talent as an actor or actress or has it anything to do with their personality as everyone is different in some way anyway. And can you imagine what it would be like living in a world where everyone is white, heterosexual, Republican, Baptist, rich, owns a Cadillac and lives in a big mansion? Ugh! Such a world could not exist, but would be boring and no one would have anything to live for. Being gay is just a natural thing like some people born black with blond hair and some people being born white with black hair. I don’t understand why everyone makes such a big issue rather a person is gay or not or rather so and so is a lesbian. What difference does it make anyway? If nature did not want to create gays then there would be none. Its just a natural occurrence amongst all species of both animal and humans and is quite common, except in backward back woods redneck societies where they still believe in spirits, magical kingdoms and Never-Neverland.

Breaking news!

Bear craps in woods.

News at 11.

Here’s a link to the San Francisco Chronicle Story

This is actually a bit bigger than most people think.

It’s always a good thing when people come out of the closet, I think it’s even more important when minorities do it. There still is a huge taboo in the African American and Latin communities. One of the odd side effects of this is a higher HIV rate.

I don’t think anyone was really surprised at this, as opposed to say “Rock Hudson,” but hopefully it will help more minorities feel comfortable with themselves.

After all it’s easy to come out when you’re sitting on a pile of money and shielded from the world, but hopefully it’ll help other younger people cope with coming to terms with their homosexuality

<insert celebrity name here> gay?

Not news. It would be news if the Pope announced he was gay.

Since there’s a thread in Cafe Society, we don’t really need this one.

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