Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

I was wondering if anyone else read this because it was great. It is good for fans of R&M who don’t play D&D and for D&D players who never watched R&M. In fact the latter will probably get more out of it because it is stuffed with lots of D&D in jokes.

It was fully licensed so they get to use real D&D mechanics and monsters. In fact the issues progress with them going through the different editions of the game. I really liked it and it made me want to play D&D again, which I think is part of its reason for existing. I haven’t played since the early 90s but it really brought back memories.

If you like either R&M or D&D I suggest you check it out.

Book? Comic? Throw us a bone, here…

I play D&D but know almost nothing about R&M aside from some pickle reference and the McD’s sauce freak-out fiasco. But I have no idea what piece of media (or even type of media) we’re talking about here.

It’s a comic miniseries.

As a fan of Rick & Morty (as opposed to a Rick & Morty Fan), and a D&D player…

I couldn’t get through the first issue.

Something about it (I can’t remember what, it’s been a long while) seemed too much for the worst parts of Rick & Morty and D&D’s fanbases.

I had no idea there was such a thing until this thread appeared. Having googled it, I think it’s terrible and horrible, mostly because Patrick Rothfuss wasted time working on that instead of finishing the goddamn Kingkiller Chronicles.

Sorry, it was a 4 issue comic that is now in Trade. To the person who gave up after issue one I would suggest you keep going. It really is a love letter to D&D.

And yeah, for the record many Rick and Morty “fans” are terrible but the show itself is clever and funny.