Rick Perry Indicted

So, with Rick Perry indicted on two felony counts, guess his presidential run is down the toilet.

Cite, please.


Breaking News on CNN. Looks politically motivated to me.

Thanks. Looks like a hell of a mess. Should be fun following this one!

Sure was, that’s why he was indicted.

From the above link

Nearly everyone I know here in Texas (republicans included) are rejoicing.

I agree entirely that it is politically motivated. But is it true? We’ll see.

I really love following Texas politics/court cases; they’re great!

Is what true? Doesn’t seem to be much to dispute about what happened, just whether it constitutes an abuse of power.

Its more or less the same thing former Governor Ferguson was convicted for, which I assume is why someone thought to try and go after Perry for the same thing. Though I think Ferguson was impeached, not tried in the Courts?

How dare Perry try to remove someone from office for committing a DUI (three times over the limit) and having to be restrained when put in jail for wild and incoherent behavior! Abuse of power indeed.

He cut the funding to the agency she headed. Not the same thing.

There’s also some good coverage on the KUT website, here and here.

There are ways to try and remove someone from office that are not an abuse of power, and there are ways that are an abuse of power.

We’ll see which one this is, but whether or not this person should not have been in this particular office is immaterial as to whether Perry committed an abuse of power.

When she refused to resign.

So it’s not an abuse of power if the person you are bullying is a dick?

It is not an abuse of power if the person you’re trying to remove from office deserves to be removed from office.

Just because she should resign doesn’t make “resign or i’ll veto funding for your department” any less of an abuse of power.

That is ridiculous. “Deserves” is in no way part of the equation, it is either legal or it is not.

That’s a pretty silly thing to say. “Abuse of power” is about the method – the motivation doesn’t matter at all.