Rico, a word please

What exactly is the problem here? I guess I could have been more straightforward and simply request that this change be made to suit my whim, but I figured asking the hive mind would be a more diplomatic way to go about it. Maybe the subject came up before and everyone hates the idea (I did search). In any event, I was just trying to make a suggestion, not foment a revolution. I wouldn’t even know how to procure a guillotine.

I’m not saying I know a guy, but I might know a guy who knows a guy, you know?

In France, guillotine procures you.

You were obviously attempting to foment an uprising.

I remind you that urging the collective to join you in combining in a mutiny could have led to disastrous consequences for you and your loved ones.

Be grateful that this blatant attempt at open rebellion was stopped in time.

Go, and sin no more.

Wow, sorry, Rico, but that was overbearing bullshit.

Overbearing, stupid, condescending and uninformative.

It would have been easy to say that:
There are other things going on that are a higher priority;
It is suspected that there are performance issues with doing this;
It wouldn’t really add much; and
Further discussion at this time is not desired.

Or whatever the real answer is.

What you got took as long to type.

Jesus, people – oversensitive, much?

The fact of the matter is this isn’t a democracy, so we don’t get to vote on what features we want.

What’s unclear, uninformative, or uncourteous about saying that?


Didn’t the Game Room forum come about because folks lobbied for it? Didn’t the Barn House get moved because of a large protest? How is this any different?

We may not get to vote, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a say. **Rico **could have done much better with his reply.

Yea, isn’t every thread suggesting changes to the board basically a poll at heart? I remember multi-page threads on adding more smileys or turning on avatars.

I am shocked - shocked, I say! - to learn that we have a moderator named Rico.

Closing that thread was completely uncalled for. The only possible reason to close it was if there is a new policy that all threads about board features are to be closed immediately.

Would the existence of a such a policy surprise you?

Yes, it would astonish me.

I’m with twickster. Sure it was the wrong thing for rico to do but… I think people are over-reacting in a way that doesn’t make them look good.

Color me :confused:.

I seriously don’t get it.

We don’t get to ask questions about whether certain features could be or may be available to us?


I guess I’m the sensitive type.

He wasn’t asking whether it was an option – he was starting a vote, which would seem to imply that the decision would be based on the outcome of the vote.

Whatever. IANAM, and I’m not going to speak for TPTB.

You know what the major problem was?

Look at the timestamp on my post. 2:32AM my time.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and knew I had a big job to do today. I was annoyed by someone starting a “vote” to get a feature they wanted, after all the posts in ATMB about major things that needed to be done before the “fine tuning” could occur.

In other words, I was human. I may have jumped too fast. I may have been a little brusque. I apologize.

But the thread stays closed. Sorry.

Thanks for the explanation. I get it now.

Now let’s vote to see who the best mod is. :wink:

eta: And I hope your job went well today.

*am I still here?

I think it was pretty clearly joking; a poll on who would like polls. What’s the acceptable way to ask for a feature? “Pretty please, O Great’n’powerful admins, could you see your way clear to letting this scrap fall from your table?” C’mon.

One of the things I like about this place is the relative lack of trigger finger modding. This was pretty itchy. Couldn’t Rico have just posted “this isn’t a democracy” and let the thread run so people could actually argue in favour of enabling polls?

Edit: pre-empted, I guess. But my post remains as it is. Sorry.