Ridculous, hypocritical double standards here

Misogyny and misandry, just like circumcision and FGM, are the same thing. Making it so only certain people can discuss being on the recieving end of them is divisive, dangerous nonsense. I would hope this note will be rescinded, and people can freely discuss these issues, rather than a certain group being elevated to special victim status.

Need context. Provide link.

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Just postersplaining.

You aren’t being prevented from discussing misandry or circumcision or anything else you want. What you are being prevented from is derailing threads about misogyny and female genital mutilation into your topics.

It’s very, very simple, really. Just start your own thread. That’s all it takes to have a discussion on pretty much any topic, and play victim all you want.

They’re only the “same thing” in a completely abstract, de-contextualized, and de-historicized way. In the real world—not some fantasy world—woman have faced misogyny through subjugation, repression and control in such a glaringly obviously disproportionate way compared to the misandry that man face, that to say they’re the “same thing” can only be disingenuous—a transparent, ham-fisted, sophistic conceit.

Wait, so men are the same thing as women?

(emphasis added)

Please tell me that this is a subtle bit of self-deprecating irony, steophan.

I want to thank the OP for showing that the problem decribed in the misogyny thread is all too real.

Nonsense. Circumcision removes a teeny, tiny band of skin. Some people with other issues in their lives blame it’s removal as an infant for all their problems. Female genital mutilation completely removes an entire organ.

Getting one tiny scrap of mostly useless skin is not the same as a full penis-and-balls-ectomy.

There is no comparison between the two.

That’s what I’ve been saying. But based on precedent Steophan will just ignore you.

Nope. In a small minority of cases, it removes the exterior part of the clitoris, but mostly it removes part or all of the clitoral hood.

None of which changes the fact that mutilating infants is wrong, regardless of gender or reason, and making this a gendered issue is unnecessary, and as the threads on it have shown, counterproductive.

If something is wrong, it’s wrong, regardless of the gender or other characteristics of the victim. If men, or any other group, come into a discussion and say that this thing happens to them as well, the correct response is to say that it is also wrong when it happens to them, and should be stopped for everyone. Not to try to argue who’s suffering is worse, and ultimately lose the argument because you are being divided.

The most obvious example of this recently is Black Lives Matter. The far right must fucking love them, dividing people who would otherwise be willing to stand together as they have far more similarities than differences. Reminds me of the People’s Front of Judea…

If you try to fight sexism, racism, or any other problem by becoming a mirror image of what you hate, you’ve already lost. You will, sadly, see that in a couple of years when Trump wins another election.

I haven’t spent much time at all in threads about these topics. Much of the reason is the knowledge of what will happen to any thread on the subject of female genital mutilation. The insistence on the part of some men here on hijacking threads about female genital mutilation to complain about male circumcision too…well, it strikes me as whiny, attention-seeking, hysterical, and in some cases downright unhinged, and I’m really tired of it, and we can do better, and I applaud any moderator move that limits this (mis)behavior.

Two questions for you:

  1. Why not just start your own thread on the subject then?
  2. Why poison your own thread here with the Trump rant? Your politicizing an ATMB thread.

I’m not sure why the insistence on referring to infant genital mutilation. The girls in the case that spurred that Pit thread were 7 years old. Hardly infants. Typically the age when done is between 0 and 15 years- it’s sometimes done in infancy, but the average I’ve seen for victims of FGM is ten. There’s debate about what type those girls were subjected to; it’s true that only about 10% worldwide is infibulation. But partial or total removal of the clitoris is not uncommon.

That’s simply not true. The foreskin is composed of unique tissue found nowhere else on the body.

That is simply incorrect.

No. Not even close.

The *only *thing wrong with that note was that it wasn’t a warning.

The OP is wildly incorrect – misogyny and misandry are extremely different. One has basically ruled in policy and practice, in varying forms and degrees, around the world for millenia, and the other has had very little influence outside marginalized extremists, even recently.

You’re quoting a site made by and possibly for crazy people.

  1. “Trauma”? I held my nephew during his bris and outside of a single surprised kind of yelp sound (I made the same sound when a Dr put a cold stethoscope against my back) and a few seconds of crying, he was fine. Based on my first-hand info, there can’t be THAT much trauma, if any.

  2. The fact that they can’t find any university to do clinical trials for their magical potions is also problematic, dontcha think?

  3. “restore normal penile function and sensitivity”? Seriously? Mine works just fine, thanks. If yours (in general, not your in specific) doesn’t, I strongly doubt that the problem is the foreskin. And if the normal penis were any MORE sensitive, people would be literally passing out from orgasm. Also, how do you measure sensitivity? What objective tests are there?

And that’s just from their front page. Their site is filled with both quackery and craziness.

This thread is not the place to hash out the circumcision debate. Take that to any of the half dozen other threads on the topic, or start yet another.