Ridin' down the Highway (or Motorcycle songs)

I’m doing a motocycle trip this summer and I’m looking for songs dealing with motorcycles. The songs don’t have to be ALL about motocycles but I’m not looking for road songs.

I’ve got a small list:

Iron Maiden
From Here to Eternity

Iron Horse/Born to Lose

Golden Earring
Going to the Run

Return of the Warlord

Twisted Sister
Ride to Live, Live to Ride

Also please put the album it comes off of so I know what to pick up.

war of the superbikes, by the meatmen, man. “wanna bark a saga 'bout the night the bikes went wild, four husky gladiators suited up for a war self-styled, the ninja, interceptor and 1100 were primed to score, but me and my suzuki, we had so much more!!!”

warning: if you are prone to being offended at all, stay far far away from the meatmen. sorry, eth, dont remember what album.

Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose
Motorcycle Man - Saxon (pretty hard to find)
Born To Be Wild - The Cult(another versian that really rocks more than the first)
Head Out to The Highway - Judas Priest
Rambling Man - (i have no idea)
Life in the Fast Lane- Eagles
Can’t Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
Trans Am - Sammy Hagar
Mustang Sally - (i have no idea)

Well this one’s pretty obvious: “The Motorcycle Song”, by Arlo Guthrie. It’s on his greatest hits. Probably a bit sillier than you had in mind though.

Bob Seger, Roll me away, from The Distance or his 1994 Greatest Hits.
I like Guthrie’s, too.

Oh Yeah,tomndebb, “Roll Me Away” by Bob Seger. My favorite.My days were riding in northern Michigan,and the line -12 hours out of Mackinac City,stopped in a bar to have a brew- says it all to me. “Born to Be Wild” by Stephenwolf(sp?) is another great one as well as “Magic Carpet Ride”. Sang these at the top of my lungs on the road and never heard a thing, over the engine,the wind and my helmet. Good thing,I can’t sing a note. “Ramblin Man” posted by Wildest Bill, the version I know, and think is great, done by Bob Seger. Get Step’s greatest hits for the two .Get Bob Seger’s for those and I bet a few more. And if you’ve read every thread over the last two days, get “William Tell’s Overture” (Boston Pops) and cue it in for the on ramp to the Interstate and roll yourself away.

Runnin’ Down a Dream - Tom Petty
Roadhouse Blues - The Doors

I don’t know if there’s any proof that Pink Floyd’s “Bike” couldn’t be about motorcycles. It’d be a stretch, sure, but amidst all of these hard-driving songs you ought to have a change of pace, a pleasant little ditty written by a deeply disturbed individual.

Long Lonsome Highway

by Michael Parks

…theme song from the TV show “Then Came Bronson”