Right now I want to believe in Hell.

I just checked the BBC online news site.

Among the news stories I read was this one: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/northern_ireland/newsid_1184000/1184154.stm

Persons unknown broke into Belfast Zoo, and attacked some of their penguins. Some penguins were beaten with an iron bar. One penguin was taken from the penguin enclosure, and thrown into the lions’ enclosure, where it was killed.

I want to believe that the people who did this will be punished with pain and torment and hideous guilt.

I want to believe that the drunk driver in the news story that Feynn linked to recently will be punished with pain and torment, and hideous guilt.

I don’t believe in Hell, but right now, I really want to.

I learned from a Cree ex-boyfriend (long ago and far away) that some Indians believe that what people do to animals in this world will be done to them in the next. Hope that helps a little.

Sometimes, people suck. :frowning:

What pieces of shit. Things like that make me so angry that it tempts me to lower myself to the standards of these bastards and do something…well, really, really bad.

Several years back the guy I was dating and I went to Gatlinburg, TN (once named “Tackiest Place on Earth” by the Enquirer) for the weekend. I insisted on playing Bunny Golf, which turned out to be nothing more than a miniature golf course with rabbits all over the place. Cute, tame, cuddly bunnies with twitchy noses and floppy ears. The week after we left someone broke in and killed most of the rabbits, skinning the majority of them alive and beating to death the rest with a baseball bat. I’m not sure if the perpetrators were ever caught. Even if they were, the punishment could not possibly have fit the crime. I have to believe that God/karma/whatever will take care of it in the long run.



Anymore, I get more upset about hearing animals mistreated than people. What do animals do to you?

Well, what do people do to you?

I’m upset by dreadful acts of cruelty, whether they are against animals or people. The random, unprovoked nature of the act makes it all the more shocking.

Because of animals’ helplessness and inability to communicate their terror, there’s something about brutalizing them that just makes me see red. I vote a separate and worse hell for these miscreants.

And while they’re here on earth, a close eye needs to be kept on them, because as another poster pointed out, they’re more likely to move on to torturing and killing people later on.

That’s very disturbing. The fact that I just love penguins doesn’t help, either! :frowning: