Ringo Starr on Leno tonight (July 5)

I’m going to memorize this performance and have my brain removed.

Except for his constant mindless repetition of “Peace and love, peace and love” in the middle of his performances, I’ve always rather liked Ringo, my favorite Beatle. What was so horrific (if I’m reading your interesting sentence correctly) about his performance.

Sir Rhosis

That bad or that good?

That bad. Flat, monotone, … That’s all I remember. It was truly awful IMHO.

I love Ringo, but when he was on Letterman a few weeks ago, he was horrible.

For most of his song, he was standing up front with only a mike. He looked completely incomfortable, dancing like a spaz, and was totally tone deaf. I’ve seen/heard better performances at Karioki joints.

Time to retire Mr. Starky.