Rinse and Repeat?

I wish they’d give a bit more detail when it says “Repeat if Necessary” on the shampoo bottle instructions. How do I know if repeating is necessary? If my hair is still dirty after I wash it once, then I’m thinking there might be an issue either with the shampoo, or with my hair. Is there a specific symptom that would deem immediate re-application necessary?

Consumer Reports says that repeating isn’t necessary, but is just a trick to get you to use more shampoo.

I personally feel that my hair is cleaner if I shampoo twice compared to once.

I’m guessing the repeating isn’t absolutely necessary for hair to be simply clean, i.e., not dirty.

However, if you want that squeaky clean feel that comes from the complete removal of grease/oil, then repeating, even several times, may be necessary. Take it from someone whose hair gets very oil in just one day.

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Don’t work yourself into a lather over this topic.

I’ll say this:

  1. My shampoo doesn’t say anything about repeating (Clairol Herbal Essence, if you must know).

  2. Nonetheless, if my hair has gotten something oily in it, or if I haven’t had a chance to wash it in a few days, it doesn’t feel clean without a second washing.