Rioter, thanks for getting that tattoo

To be Devil’s Advocate here, I don’t think most of the rioters actually planned to storm the Capital. Sure, they made noise about doing it, but there was no coordinated plan of attack. They got caught up in the mob mentality and chaos ensued. It never occurred to them that the cameras recording their actions would be a bad thing.

I remember when my school’s basketball team won the NCAA basketball tournament, and I joined my fellow bar patrons to take to the streets and fuck shit up. We broke into buildings and stole furniture to burn in a massive bonfire on the main street. No one was calling the shots, and no one thought about potential body identifiers. I threw beer bottles around and broke them on the sidewalk until I lobbed one right in front of 4 cops. Luckily, they just told me to go home.

Have you been hiding under a rock for the past month and a half?

That was just a cursory, 30-second Google search.

One article I read and can’t find right now estimated there were about two or three dozen with a definite agenda in mind – the ones with radios and zip-cuffs, a couple hundred in tacticool gear – who figured the police would be on their side, and thousands milling around who figured they were saving the country and Dear Leader was marching down Pennsylvania Avenue with them.

But we have no idea what @Little_Nemo’s prisoner looked like in black light. The visible scorpion could be the very least of his artwork

Disapointed you didn’t post it first?

Thank you, but people in this thread were mocking the rioters for not planning ahead and wearing incriminating clothing and tattoos. My point was that their lack of foresight could be attributed to a spontaneous decision to riot. I based that opinion on my own rioting experience.


I think it was a mix of people - a bunch of people stood outside the whole time and probably didn’t break any laws. Another bunch of people followed the crowd inside and could be described as spur-of-the-moment rioters. Another group, though, seems to have been planning in advance for mayhem… and I expect the people who did cover up thoroughly to be in that group, although they aren’t the whole of that group.

Personally I believe, and I think the evidence shows this, that there were three categories of people in the crowd that invaded the Capitol: (1) a small hardcore group of true insurrectionists, numbering in the low hundreds at most, who had been consciously planning to disrupt the government, up to and including using murderous violence, and were coordinating their efforts to that end; (2) a somewhat larger group of people, maybe up to a quarter of the mob, who weren’t included in that planning and weren’t enacting a step-by-step strategic operation like the first group, but they hoped something big would happen and cheerfully joined to assist when the shit went down; and (3) the remainder of the crowd, agitated and excited in a general way, but otherwise just mindless sheep following the flow.

The people in (1) are the ringleaders, who, if they are identified, are charged with and prosecuted for insurrection and conspiracy. The people in (2) get more of a patchwork of charges, depending on the degree to which they collaborated and cooperated with the ringleaders once things got rolling. The people in (3) get the generic trespass charges, if they’re charged at all, unless they can be identified on video doing something particularly heinous.

But this hierarchy of criminal offense shouldn’t overlook one key fact: The active and deliberate insurrectionists in (1) may be, in the abstract sense, the most dangerous group, but they are able to be dangerous specifically because they have the backup bodies in (2) and the camouflage of (3). In other words, the people in (3) may not be consciously engaging in an insurrection attempt, but their presence en masse is what enabled the core group to act, and constitutes a danger of its own.

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