RIP, Admiral Ackbar

Haven’t seen anything about this on the Dope yet - apologies if it’s already been posted.

Erik Bauersfeld, who played everyone’s favourite fishy Admiral, has passed away aged 93.

Are they sure it’ not a trap :wink: ? RIP.

Luckily, should the character reappear in Episode VIII, which is not unlikely, almost anyone can do his voice. It’s basically just a bad Nixon impression.

Well, Allahu, Ackbar. . . .

He just couldn’t repel firepower of that magnitude…

He will be wrapped in old newspaper and buried in the garden. (He’s too big to flush down the toilet.)

It’s a rap!

It’s a death trap!

Here’s a nice story about him:

How many Bothans died to bring you that information?

Actually, that’s Mon Mothma’s line, not Admiral Ackbar… but at least he was in the room!

It’s a wrap! It’s not a crap!