The Boba Fett thread (spoilers)

I am posting this on behalf of my friend who has a major Boba Fett fetish. He has long held onto the belief that even though he fell into the Sarlacc pit, to be slowly digested over the course of a thousand years, his Mandalorian armor allowed him to survive and eventually escape. Apparantly in the game Jedi Academy, you have to fight Boba Fett, but he runs away before you can kill him. So my friend says that this game takes place after Return of the Jedi, and it’s made by Lucas Arts, so therefore Boba Fett is in fact officially alive. So what do you think?


He does appear in Jedi Academy, and i think so does Wedge Antilles who was suposed to die at the battle of Hoth. I don’t know how “official” the games are, but i did hear he made it out of there alive in some book or another.

Wedge did not die at the Battle of Hoth. He’s been in all three movies.

I think Boba Fett could have gotten out of the Sarlacc pit. I was disappointed with the way he died. Now his old man Jango, he knew how to get killed.

From’s profile for Boba Fett:

Under “Movies”:

Under: “Expanded Universe”:


Hearing that Wedge was supposed to die on Hoth would be news to a lot of people, including George Lucas (since Wedge appears in RotJ link).

According to the books, Fett escaped the Sarlaac and was nursed back to health by dellow bounty hunter Dengar, who was fleeing from the chaos and power vacuum created by Jabba’s death. I can’t quite remember which books in particular, but Tales of the Bounty Hunters and one of the trilogies deals with that particular time.

Fett appears post-Sarlaac in other games and stories, Dark Empire as an off the top of my head example.

Did Wedge die at Hoth? I thought he was in all three of the original movies.

As for Boba Fett, I’ve always assumed there was no escape from the Sarlaac. A friend of mine who plays Star Wars RPGs told me that same story that’s in Jedi Academy, about Fett crawling his way out. While I thought Fett’s death in ROTJ was disappointing (and terribly ignoble), I still insist there was no way he could have survived.

My mistake, i was thinking the guy sitting behind luke that got crushed by an AT-AT was Wedge for some reason.

Bah, you people with your newfangled Dark Horse comix and computar games! We old folks who read the Marvel Star Wars comic books know that Boba Fett escaped by triggering his jetpack when the Sarlacc burped, but he was horribly weakened and wasn’t able to fight in the rest of the battle and hid in the sand.

Later, he got back on Han Solo’s trail and the two of them were facing off against one another on top of a Jawa Sandcrawler that was barrelling at full speed towards the Sarlacc, and Leia and Chewie were hovering above to rescue Han. Han shouted for Boba to take his hand, but Fett wouldn’t and died screaming “SOOOOOOLOOOOOOOOO” as he went back into the pit.

…yeah, maybe that explains why those comic books are no longer canon.

That was “Dax” who died in Empire.

This whole idea of what did/did not happen in the Star Wars universe is silly to me. It is FICTION people. Yes, Boba is still alive if you read the expanded universe comics and books. (I have enjoyed many of the books)

But to say someone is “wrong” for saying Boba Fett died in the Sarlacc is not an argument worth having. Clearly at the time of filming, Lucas’s intention was that Boba met his death in the Sarlacc, so it’s perfectly fine with me to consider both scenarios valid.

EVERYTHING in fiction is a “what if…” scenario, this is no different.

So, that’s what? Five, maybe six miles per hour? :wink:

According the the Tales of the Bounty Hunters book, Fett got into the Sarlacc and was trapped by the tenticles. Eventually due to the mental link the Sarlacc makes with its prey, Fett was able to convince the Sarlacc to let loose a bit. He then slowly got his grenade laucher free. He shot one grenade to split a hole in the Sarlacc and then another behind him to launch himself out the hole. He then had to crawl his broken self out through the sand, but eventually reached the surface.
I always took that as canon.

I think it was souped-up. And going downhill.

And it had some bitchin’ hydraulics, man, and flames on the hood, man, it was a freakin’ RIGHTEOUS sandcrawler, and all the babes dug it, and …

Okay, you don’t believe me, but I’ll go dig out the comic from 1982 or so, scan the page, and put it online to prove myself right. Except for the souped-up part; I think I may be projecting something there.

Actually I think it’s “Dack”. Best known for the line “I feel like I can take on the whole Empire by myself!” shortly before he bites it.

Don’t forget he also had a malfunction in fire control.

Dack was pretty worthless.

Just wanted to toss in a vote for Fett = dead.

Overrated fanboy character anyway… :wink:

As I remember it, Boba was an amnesiac and mostly unconscious after being belched from Sarlaac and was picked up my Jawas who mistook him a broken-down droid.

Somehow, Han got inside the same sandcrawler later in the comic. Boba got his memory back as Han was holding out his hand to save him from the doomed crawler heading back into the maw of Sarlaac. As far as I know that was Boba’s last appearance in the Marvel series.

Had a pretty cover…it was the first issue after RotJ.


Fett will be appearing in the final chapter of the “New Jedi Order” series of books from Del Rey, The Unifying Force. Since more fans read the books than the comics–although I’m almost exclusively a comic fan myself–

…that’s good enough for me.

He was reasonably useful in N64 Rogue Squadron. Of course, the computer wingmen all used the same AI model, so perhaps that isn’t surprising.

Nonono, this is all wrong. Tag and Bink, two hapless Rebels, helped save Boba Fett (having been stuck hanging from a pole wedged in the Sarlaac’s maw) and got them out with his jet pack. Fett let them live on the promise that they wouldn’t reveal that he screamed like a little girl on the way down, nor that they were the ones who had to rescue them.

C’mon, amnesia? Obviously a cover story…