RIP Alex Trebek

Well, shit. Obviously not unexpected but still a punch in the gut.

My first memory of Trebek was as host of Pitfall, a short-lived game show that featured some really inventive set design:

It’s rather a pity the show proved financially unsuccessful (and ended up stiffing Trebek out of his salary). I would have loved to see more of it.

Of course, Trebek later became host of Jeopardy!, which our family watched religiously every evening at 17:30 during dinner.

He was just outwaiting Connery wasn’t he?[sup]SNL[/SNL]

I’ve been watching Classic Concentration episodes on one of the over the air tv channels. Alex was a great host no matter what show he was on. RIP.


Damn it. I cried a bit when I read the announcement. I will miss him very much.

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So help me, @What_Exit, that’s what I was thinking, too.

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He went out with a lot of poise and grace, and he kept doing the job that defined him his whole life right up until the end. It’s hard to go go more gracefully than that.

Go ask Alex. I think he’ll know.


Long-time Jeopardy fan. It helped convince my family that I was smarter than I am, while simultaneously humbling the hell out of me.

He will be missed. I too was picturing the Trebek-Connery reunion somewhere in the afterlife. Curse you SNL for forever linking them together.

And Burt Reynolds in an oversized hat, chewing gum.

I thought he sounded a bit out of sorts the last couple of weeks. I hope I’ll be as courageous as he was when I’m staring death in the face.

RIP, Alex. You will be sorely missed. :sob:

Yes, they were.
And in this pic, the jacket really brings it all home.

Thanks for all the enjoyment you brought us, Alex!

The clue: 2020.

Contestant: What year just rotted 100%, Alex. Alex? Oh, damn!

Thanks to his show and especially my feeble attempts when trying to copy his mannerisms, nay, his stage presence, quite a lot of my students over the last fifteen years have enjoyed their exam preparation classes. Alex did a great job. The universe just got a hell of a lot less fun.

Alex Trebek was the only person that I know of that was caricaturized in a Warner Brothers cartoon without irony or ridicule, which really says something to the respect many people had for him.

He was 80?? Dude looked good for his age.

RIP Alex.

Losing Trebek feels like losing a friend. Just like Anthony Bourdain, he was one of those timeless television personalities who radiated such a heartfelt and engaging manner that you feel like you’ve personally known them for your whole life - one of those people you could always count on to make you feel happy, no matter how fucked up everything else in your life might be. Bourdain and Trebek both helped me cope through periods of depression in my life - maybe that sounds ridiculous? I don’t know. It’s just really terrible to lose someone like that. Very much unlike Bourdain, though, I knew that this was coming for quite some time. So the shock is nullified…but not the sadness.

Well said and encapsulates what I was thinking but couldn’t quite put into words. This is the first I’ve heard of his passing, though I knew about the cancer. Very sad news indeed.

This is the celebrity death that has affected me the most. I’m just glad he lived long enough to see Biden win.

RIP, Alex. :frowning: