RIP Art Metrano

He was in the Police Academy movies, but I never saw them. I still remember him from this stupid but insanely funny “magic” act he used to do on variety shows in the 1960s and 1970s

I didn’t even need to click the video. I saw the name and that stupid tune was instantly in my brain. RIP.

In memoriam:

The man could make a marshmallow magically disappear in seconds!

RIP, Art. :cry:

Funny how we have little “boxes” we put some actors in.

To me, he’ll always be Moose, the truck driver teamed with Rosie Grier’s Benjy in Movin’ On. But I looked at his IMDB credits, and he was in a ton of stuff I watched.

It never occurred to me that the finger magic guy was the same guy who played Captain Mauser.