RIP Chris Cornell - 4 Octave Grunge God

Quite possibly the best rock vocalist of our time and known to nearly every Gen Xer is dead by apparent suicide.

Bad Motor Finger and Euphoria Morning are still in regular rotation for me.

Rest in Peace brother… :frowning:

Existing thread in Cafe Society:

We probably don’t need a Pit thread, unless you want to complain about his horrible scraggly goatee.

Sucks. There’s a thread in Cafe Society about his passing. You know you’re in the Pit?

ETA: buddha_david you ninja bastard!

He was well known to myself and many other boomers as well. I’m unfortunately getting used to my rock idols passing away, but Chris was 7 years my junior and had so much more to live. This is a horrible tragedy. I don’t think this thread belongs in the pit though.

Yes sorry for the double post, definitely no complaining from me and have posted in cafe society.

Feel free to close.

Not really a Pit Thread, and redundant in Cafe Society, so I’ll close this.