RIP Heavy D

Heavy D, dead at 44

I liked a few of his songs. He seemed like a nice, personable guy. I remember when he made an appearance on “A Different World” and when he played the Rajeane’s boyfriend on “Living Single”. He also composed and performed the theme song for “In Living Color.”

Bye, Heavy D.

I just came in here to post this.

Only 44.

Heaven’s got a hell of a band.

Man, 44 is too young. Wonder what he died of?

Well, it seems every other person on the internet is speculating he died of The Fat. Because I guess a big man can’t have asthma or some other condition. ::shakes my head::

Someone close to Heavy told TMZ “pneumonia”.

Last I heard, Heavy D had lost a lot of the weight for his acting career and had become something of a exercise nut.

Damn shame. I’ve fond memories of listening to him back in the day.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh or not, but that’s funny.

Anyway, I was a Heavy D fan as a kidlet and it’s always crummy when a little (or big?) part of your youth dies. Sorry to see such a young one go.

I said earlier that I’m really mourning who *I *was when Heavy D was in his prime. He was by all accounts a lovely person and a talented artist, but I didn’t know him personally. It is shocking when a celebrity who is the same age as I am dies.

Loved me some Heavy D! Is it good to you?! RIP.

Weird, I was at trivia tonight and one of the answers to a question was “Heavy D & the Boyz” (missed it - I put Color Me Badd instead) and another answer was “Joe Fraiser” (died yesterday). Morbid quiz!

Anyway, hearing the answer “Heavy D & the Boyz” made me think of day-glo tracksuits and big chains, and I had a good smile.

In Living Color opening.

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Normally I don’t give a rat’s ass about rap artists, but I met D several times when he bought a condo through the real estate company I was working for. I just want to say he was a nice young man who always treated me and everyone with respect. Definitely not a star’s ego. And we had some fine talks about modern music.

Rest in peace, Dwight.

Don’t know about that, he was still pretty damn big at a recent performance on (I think?) BET. He had some moves, though!

At any rate, he seemed like a good person and 44 is definitely way too young.

A Facebook friend, who had just received this news via an unfortunate tweet, just posted a reminder that ‘rapper’ is spelled with two p’s. Spelling matters, people.

Heavy D was a big influence on my teen years. I think my favorite songs of his weren’t even ‘his’ songs - he always stole the show when he popped up on other people’s songs.

RI (piddly piddly piddly) P

I just saw Tower Hiest and was pleased to see his cameo appearance. He was noticeably thinner than he was in the 90’s, but I recognized him easily enough.

So sad he’s gone. :frowning:

The only time I’ve seen raper as a (not intentionally misused for a rapper/raper joke) word is as a last name.

The common term for one who rapes is rapist, not raper.
RIP Heavy D, now I’m gonna have the In Living Color theme stuck in my head for a long time. Earworms are a form of immortality, I suppose.

Posted from the Us app today…

Earlier in the day, he sent an uplifting Twitter message to his followers: “BE INSPIRED!” (He had also eulogized boxing great Joe Frazier, who had passed away in the very early hours Tuesday at age 67.)

“All glory comes from daring to begin,” he wrote Nov. 6. “Never stop believing… Magic is just science we don’t understand,” he mused Nov. 4. “Every original idea was considered insanity at first.”

What a lovely man. I’m so sorry he’s gone so soon, even if I never had a chance to appreciate his talents. I think I’ll go look up some of his music now. May he rest in peace.

My feelings exactly.

I hadn’t thought of him in years until one of his songs came up on Pandora a couple of months back. He recently guest starred on Law & Order: SVU (not as a raper). I was happy to see him, and engaged in a lengthy text conversation on his recent career. Everything I’ve read says he’s earned all of the love and respect he has received. I’ve never seen anything bad about him.

The world has lost a lot this week. I’m sad.

So, who’s gonna tell Heavy D and the Boys?