Rick James is dead...

According to ‘Breaking News’ on the CNN homepage.

ABCNews also has this as breaking news, but no story yet.

Simul-thread… Wow.

“I’m dead, bitch!”

I guess “Darkness” takes on a whole new meaning now.

In a few minutes, this will need explanation, probably.

I posted a thread on the same subject at the exact same time as SylverOne.

ABCNews has some details up now…

He doesn’t look like Margaret Thatcher

I’m going straight to hell for that one :wally

Although its sad, its also hilarious.


According to Yahoo:

At 56?! Am I the only one having trouble swallowing this?

People die of natural causes in thier 20’s. What so hard to believe? Though I have no idea exactly what happened as I’ve only just now heard it on CBS radio news.

Bottom line: he was a talented song writer. Street Songs is a great album and Superfreak, regardless of how silly it is, is a fun, catchy song. His version of 80’s funk-pop was good stuff…

I just bought Cake’s Comfort Eagle, and I was wondering, “Who the hell is this Rick James guy that’s in that song, I’ll bet that would give it some meaning.”

Now I know. Thanks to CNN. And The Straight Dope.

It’s not that its hard to believe, especially considering his past habits. I’m in no way trying to take away from his legacy as a musician. I won’t lie, even I have about 50 megs of RJ’s hits on my PC.

I guess the afterlife just got a bit funkier!

Chappell was going to do a movie about him (as him?), I wonder what will happen now. On the one hand the movie just got some finality, on the other would they scrap it?

The immediate cause was probably natural, but years of drug abuse made him old 20 years before his time.

If I eat 5 double cheeseburgers a day, and die of a heart attack at 42, they won’t put Burger King as my cause of death will they?

“Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

I have an image of Rick James swaggering around in Hell calling Satan, “Darkness” and saying, “I’m Rick James, bitch!” (and he will forever be asscociated with that phrase now).
I don’t know what this means for the Chappelle movie but it wasn’t supposed to be serious, it was supposed to be basically a feature length version of the sketch on his Comedy Central show. I don’t know if Jame’s death would fit well into a spoof but if anyone can make it funny it’s Dave.

Oh, Rick led a very full life.

How many people can say they’ve held a woman hostage and forced her to perform sex acts on their girlfriend while snorting lines of cocaine in a motel bathroom?

I’d say Hell got a new Funk headliner.

Unfortunately, the first image of Rick James I see is courtesy of VH1’s I Love the '80s, he is in the video for Eddie Murphy’s single “Party All the Time.” Now I don’t blame the guy for producing awful pop drivel if the money was right. The video, however, shows him in the production booth with a gaze of awe and wonderment at Eddie’s immense vocal talent. Inside, I believe the Superfreak died a little when that footage was shot.

Oooo, I just found out this happened a few hundred yards from where I’m sitting. When I went to the bank at lunch, I could see the police helicopters hovering over the complex. Are they there to keep looky-loos away?

(Or is it a possible crime scene?..)