RIP Larry McMurtry

I can still remember a friend who read maybe one book a year toting the massive “Lonesome Dove” around everywhere, and a few months after she was done, she started again. That was the kind of writer he was, and there hasn’t been anyone quite like him since. RIP.

Larry McMurtry, Novelist of the American West, Dies at 84 - The New York Times (

He also ran one of the largest bookstores in the country. While still pumping thick books out.

My sister gave me her copy of “Lonesome Dove” when I was leaving on a long plane trip. I told her “Nah, I don’t like westerns”! She insisted. It’s one of my all-time favorite novels; brilliantly written and plotted, with unforgettable characters. I need to reread it.

A master of characters. Can’t complain about a career like that and getting to 84. Pretty good job.

My favorite author- loved every minute with Gus & Call (and many other characters)as well as other works. He deserved his long life and a successful career. I highly recommend Lonesome Dove (and most of the sequels, the only one I don’t regularly re-read is Streets of Laredo) on audio, recently “re-read” it this way and it was wonderful.

His son is no slouch as a writer, either–just writes music instead.

Dang. :cry: Loved his Lonesome Dove series but also greatly enjoyed nearly everything else I read of his including the Duane Moore books (read the first three).

And yes, I also like his son’s music. :slight_smile: