RIP, Max

Yesterday was a bad day for me - a really, really bad day. Among the badness was a broken garage door spring, a diagnosis that the garage door itself was bad (and I lack the funds to replace that right now), something horrible happening to my car as it went over a bump & my steering going to hell, and smashing my finger in a door.

The worst, worst part was my wife finding Max, our 10 year old golden retriever, lying dead on the patio. What made this such a shock was that our beagle was the one that had been deathly sick with congestive heart failure. Max was acting depressed, but we thought it was because of the other dog being sick. Both dogs were scheduled for a vet appointment only a few hours after Max passed away.

I know, all dogs are special. Max was more like a young boy than an old dog. He did have arthritis, but he had medication that allowed him to enjoy his favorite past time - chasing around the yard as cars made the turn in front of our house. Max never, ever gave anyone any trouble. He was kind of the neighborhood dog. People knew where we lived because we had the bouncy golden retriever. He was part Brittany Spaniel, which added bounce. I always thought we could have named him “Tigger”.

Max came to us about 9 years ago. He had been found wandering the streets of Detroit and had gone through several Humane Society locations before I found him. He found me, actually. I was looking for a small dog. He claimed me that day & I brought him home.

He adopted my wife. She is not a huge fan of dogs, either. Max followed her, watched out for her, laid at her feet or nearby where he could see her. She is just crushed by his death.

Max, you were a good boy. Thank you for adopting all of us and watching out for us all these years. We will miss you. May you get lots of treats in heaven.


‘Good boy, Max, good boy.’ I scritch thee gently behind the ears.
Maddie bounds over to show you where she hid all of the tennis balls.

I’m sorry about your Max. :frowning:

Dogs are thieves and vandals. They steal our hearts, and then they break them.

Good night, Max. You were a good boy. May your people remember the happy times, and find peace in knowing that they gave you a good doggie life.

The loss of a beloved pet is a deep sadness. I am sorry for your loss and wish there were something I could say that would make it easier. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

Losing a beloved pet just sucks. Sorry if that sounds crude, but that’s my take on it.

Sounds like Matt was a lucky dog, and you were lucky for being adopted. So very sorry.

I’m so sorry for your loss, Max sounds like an awesome pup, he was lucky to have claimed people that loved him so much.

Awfully spicy lunch today – give me a moment…

Love we find unexpectedly is always special.

Be glad that Max got to spend the time he had in such a great place to be a bouncy dog.

I hope it’s not disrespectful to remind you that, when some time has passed, there are a zillion other unexpected loves waiting in shelters – each utterly unlike Max, but whose need for love, and a place to bounce, is every bit as absolute.



So sorry to hear about Max.

I had my garage door replaced this summer, and the place that did it let me pay by credit card. Not ideal if you can’t pay it off right away, of course, but better than having a non-working garage door.

Your friend is at the end of his journey,
your love were his rails and his engine,
his duty is done, his job complete,
he goes now to be at peace.

He wishes the same for you.

I’m so sorry. It’s the price we pay for the unconditional love of a pet- it doesn’t last nearly long enough. Take solace in the fact that you gave him a wonderful, loving home where he was happy and bouncy. Every pet I have ever had has been a rescue, and I firmly believe that they know when we’ve saved their little furry butts. And they, in return, love us 'til their last breaths.

Oh my, this is very saddening news indeed. Hugs to you and to your wife for the loss of your faithful guardian Max.

I’m so very sorry for your loss of Max. I send you and your family my deepest condolences.

I’m sorry to hear this. Fifi will share her meat sticks and welcome the newcomer.

ASAKMOTSD, words can’t express grief at losing a beloved pet, nor are they sufficient to express my sympathy to you. When my dog, Whitney died a couple of years ago, I was devastated. I know grief at a time like this is natural. Her vet sent me a card with lines from a poem called “To Those I love” by Isla Paschal Richardson. It says in part

It got the tears going (and I’m leaking again, damn it) but also gave me a small measure of comfort, for our pets do love us and look on their lives with us as heavenly. Take comfort in knowing Max loved you and your wife and wherever he may be, he’s watching out for you, eagerly wagging his tail.

I got a call from the vet’s office today. Max’s ashes were waiting for me. I went over and got them this evening. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. My big 75+ pound boy was in a small tin inside a cardbord box. That was so damn hard. :frowning:

I’m so sorry to hear that. I still miss my dog who died last April. ::hugs::

My Yorkie died last January. When we got the call from the Emergency Vet that he had died, I thought my heart was literally going to break in half. I have never felt that kind of loss before even having lost both of my parents to long-term illnesses. The pain was unbearable, but thankfully it’s gotten better over time. You too shall heal in time but for now, take all the time you need to grieve your loss. Some will look at you funny thinking to themselves, “it’s just a dog”, but we know better. They are parts of us. In all our glory.

I can’t say it any better than that, so may I echo that?

I’m sorry. I bet Max was a Very Good Dog.

I’m very sorry to hear about your loss.

Kudos to you and your wife for making the world a better place for Max (and yourselves).