RIP Michael Constantine

Everybody’s grandpa, dad, uncle, bad guy, lawyer, and building super – of any nationality or ethnicity.

Αιώνια του η μνήμη

I hope that’s correct.

I loved Room 222 as a kid. Admittedly a lot of that was a crush on Karen Valentine, but I always liked Michael Constantine’s father figure character.

That’s where I first saw him too.

Just spray some Windex on him and he’ll be good as new.

I could have written that post myself, word for word.

RIP, Michael. :frowning:

From the article I linked to in the OP:

“I can’t tell you,” he said in a 2014 interview with his hometown paper, The Reading Eagle, “how many times I’ve autographed a Windex bottle.”


Just don’t give him a pipe to smoke.

(Must represent my obscure fandom here…)

Note to self: Michael Constantine is not Martin Balsam

That guy! I didn’t realize he was that old. Rest now.

I’m shocked to hear he wasn’t long since dead. I guess we kinda average out?

I actually saw that episode last week.

Funny, but I could post this too, word for word.

I’m surprised he was not older. If he was 94 now, then he was 43 in 1970, and I thought he looked like he was pushing 60. Could have been my youthful eyes.