RIP Orson Bean

Actor/comedian Orson Bean was struck and killed by multiple cars in Los Angeles. He was 91. Bean has been the subject of much humor in the thread game “Made-Up, False and Flat-out Wrong Trivia Dominoes”. So much so, that I think many people thought he was a fictional character. A sad way to go.

He was hilarious in Being John Malkovich, one of my all-time favorite films.

He’ll always be Bilbo to me. tear

Though honestly, I thought he died yrs ago.

Yeesh! What a way to go, and at 91! :eek: :mad:

Aside from his being a panelist on shows like To Tell the Truth, where you could tell he and Tom Poston didn’t get along, I remember him as the US Army psychologist in Otto Preminger’s Anatomy of a Murder, one of my favorite movies.

RIP! :frowning:

Agreed; that cartoon introduced me to a lifelong love of Tolkien, and his voice was part of its charm.

Godspeed, Orson.

Reminds me of Desmond Llewellyn who played “Q” in the James Bond movies. He was 85 years old and died in a car accident. That feels like yesterday(wait, it was 20 years ago!).

Steve Allen died from a heart attack right after a fender-bender in 2003, I think. He was another guy I thought might live forever.

I enjoyed him greatly. It’s terrible that he died in this fashion.

One line of his I remember in particular from ***TTtT ***came the night they had a naturalist on the show (hey, it was the '60s!):

“Tell me: Why do nudists always play volleyball?”

He was married to Alley Mills which always seemed to be an odd pairing to me. But they were married for almost 30 years so what do I know?

Even pushing eighty, he was beyond awesome on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Ninety-one and Orson was still healthy enough to go for walks and visit the theater. That’s doing pretty good.

Getting run down by multiple cars is a tragic way to die.

I remember Orson from game shows. He was always entertaining.


It’s kind of sad because I have been thinking of him a lot lately * , but couldn’t remember his name, or pin down something he was in too find it.

*There is a character in Red Dead Redemption 2 named Hosea, who reminds me of Orson.


(Personally, I know him mostly from his gameshow appearances.)

That’s how I remember him, too: game show panelist I always enjoyed, and from “Anantomy of a Murder” (in my top ten favorite movies, and best courtroom movie, ever).

his daughter was married to Andrew Breitbart

That was my immediate association, on hearing the sad news. He had a good Twilight Zone, too: “Mr. Bevis.”

So sorry to hear about the way this happened.

With Kitty Carlisle again…

Besides everything else*, I remember him from his book “Me and the Orgone” about his sexual awakening using Reichian therapy. Which he described in pretty graphic detail one night on the Tonight Show. Johnny was a little nonplussed, if I recall correctly.

*I think he must have guested on 100 shows or more during the past 40 years, mostly tv series or tv movies. Prolific.

I was sorry to hear of his death, but glad to have played some small role in making him a Doper meme in recent years. Rest in peace, Mr. Bean!