RIP "Raiders of the Lost Ark"'s Pat Roach

Best known as the hulking bald brute who comes in second in a fight with an airplane propellor.

Nobody seems to much care about bit-part actors who beat up Harrison Ford on a regular basis, but they should care about cool characters like Bomber from Auf Weidersehen, Pet.


An actor dies and Eve isn’t the one to start the Thread about it???

I guess this one was unexpected, kinda like turning around and finding a spinning propeller just half an inch away from your face. :eek:

No, Pat ‘Bomber’ Roach’s passing was expected, he was suffering from terminal throat cancer.

Very sad news. A gentle giant of a man who was loved and respected by those who knew him.

I met him a few times because he knew my dad through wrestling. Absolutely scared the bejesus out of me the first time. I was about 7 and to my eyes he looked like a bloody bear.

Last time, I bumped into him in a pub while he was filming the second series of Auf Weidersehen, Pet in Nottingham. Had a nice pint and a chat.

Totally fantastic fella.

Yeah, he was great as Bomber. He’s in all 3 of the Indiana Jones films too, as a heavy.
imdb entry

And Bomber does not like that.

Hmmm. “Giant Sherpa” as well as “First Mechanic” in Raiders. He must have been the one that lost to Karen Allen in that drinking contest.


I always thought he was the one fighting Indy when the Nazi (Gestapo?) officer says “Shoot them. Shoot them both!” and the Sherpa gives a look over to him with a ‘huh?’ expression.

Swede Hollow is correct. He’s the evil Sherpa that doesn’t have the godawful makeup job to make him look Nepalese.

Roach was in “Willow” as the nasty General Kael, and in “Red Sonja” as Brytag.

I always noticed his name because while in the Army I once had a commanding officer(sort of a jerk) with the same name.

He was also:

Thoth-Amon in Conan the Destroyer
Count Lippe in Never Say Never Again
PO Evans in The Last Place on Earth