RIP, Satirewire. You will be missed.

One of the best humor sites on the web announced today that they’re calling it quits. Link.

It’s a bummer, but seeing that there’s only one person behind the whole site explains a lot. I’d be stressed out too.

So, as a farewell, I thought I’d link some of my favorites. I loved the old really surreal charts they used to do:

Like this one
And this
And, of course, Silicon Pines.
And finally, more recently, this.

Feel free to add your own as a farewell to one of the few sites I used to visit daily.

One of my faves:

Oh Right, and Switzerland Has Nuclear Weapons


bugger … and after considered reflection, bugger :frowning:

Yeah, it sucks, doesn’t it?

Well we still have The Onion.


From a different point of view, good for him. At least he’s in touch with himself enough to realize when he’s had enough of something and that that’s the time to call it quits, not when everybody else has had enough of it.

Congrats on a psychologically sound decision, you fuckwit.


This one still makes me laugh so hard every time I read it I almost always end up in tears.