RIP Stan Lee

TMZ is reporting that Stan Lee has passed away today at 95 years old.

Thus passes a Giant Among Men (and Superbeings.)

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OMG! A legend, and I’m glad he lived so long. OMG!!!

Make Mine Marvel! RIP, Stan. You were undoubtedly the most influential person in American comics history.

A scene from Big Bang that I will always remember: Sheldon meets Stan Lee

This is one of the few people who die at an advanced age that I say is actually really sad because he was still SO active.

Thanks for everything you did Stan, you truly were a titan of industry.


A list of Lee’s Marvel (and one DC!) cameos.


Excelsior! A man who brought me so much joy reading his work in my youth. He will be missed.

I’ve been a comic book/superhero fan as far back as I can remember (which would be probably the mid-to-late '60s). I think my earliest comic book memory was Supergirl (with probably the Legion of Superheroes, but she did have a skirt–ruffled?–and short blond hair with some curls). But I know my first favorite was Fantastic Four. My first fan letter was prompted by the story where Ben was fighting Reed and stuffed him into a bottle/jar/urn. The Fantastic Four are still my favorite superheroes.

Today is not the day to argue about who did what, which creator should get credit for which creation(s). Today, I remember all the grand icons and the fabulous stories that Stan helped bring into the world. I remember all the ways in which Stan’s work lifted us all up and made our own worlds brighter. I remember Stan, I am grateful for his life, and I mourn his death.


95 is not too shabby, but man, he looked like he could outlive us all. RIP indeed.

For the past 43 years, I’ve been a True Believer. RIP Stan.

Anyone know where Josh Brolin was…

He also played himself in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats (1995), where he gave relationship advice to Bodie Bruce (Jason Lee).


He was lucky to live long enough see the characters he created, that were once only something with a small fan base, become the subject of big-budget Hollywood movies and receive attention from the general public.

RIP baby, and thanks for all the enjoyment.

Bummer. Poor Stan will never find out what happens in Avengers 4.

Because of his cameos, he is, technically, the biggest box office actor in the history of cinemas because the movies he’s appeared in have totalled the most money ever.

'nuff said.

Unthinkable what dismal comics might exist without that man. He not only created greatness he inspired other artists and writers to be better. Even his competitors.

I am glad that so many great Marvel based movies got made in his lifetime. At one time many of them weren’t so good. Anyone remember the spider man live action series in the 70’s? Just awful, and certainly not worthy of Stan Lees name.

His imagination, his talent, even his sense of humor. Never to be matched. EVER!

RIP Stan. You will be sorely missed! :frowning:

I’m sure I’m going to hell for this, but my first thought when I heard the news was “Huh, that’s gonna make his MCU cameos a bit awkward from now on.” :smack:

Obligatory link :smiley:

Thanks for the characters, the stories, and the decades gone by. RIP, Stan Lee.