RIP Winky

Anybody remember this thread? I’m posting again a year later to let you guys know that Winky the One-Eyed Beagle has died. She had died in her sleep when I came home from work Saturday night. She came through her heartworm treatment nicely and I had two hundred dollars saved toward her hernia surgery in my wallet. It’s paying for her cremation instead. I was feeling really bad about myself earlier, because this was my first rescue failure. She never got all fixed up, and she never made it to her new home. But, she had a good last year. And she had a warm bed and clean water and good food and some friendly cat and dog companions, and was heartworm free. And that’s miles better than when I found her last November, so at least I did some good for her. She didn’t die starving out in the streets. She was a very calm, sweet dog and my other rescues and I will miss her. I’m sorry I couldn’t have done better. RIP Winkleheimer.

So sad to hear this, but I am happy to know that she was safe, warm, fed and loved.

I’m sorry to hear that. I would not call that a failure by any means, however. She was taken in, fed, given a nice warm place to sleep, was loved, had her heartworm taken care of, and if she didn’t have her hernia operation – well, she had everything else, all of which was more than she had before you rescued her. At least she passed away warm and dry and loved. That’s a success in my book.

Nope: not a failure. You loved her more in a year than she had been loved previously.

Nobody lives forever. Winky had a warm place, good food, good companions, medical treatment, love – what more could anyone hope for?

I am sorry for your loss. But don’t feel like a failure – you turned out to be what Winky needed. And in retrospect, if she was going to pass now anyway, it’s better that it wasn’t during hernia surgery, but at home while sleeping.

In the last year of her life she got everything she ever wanted – you made her last days such good ones. You did your best for her and that is everything – and there is nothing more than everything, so please don’t feel bad. She passed on in a safe, warm place, with a full belly, surrounded by love and family. That’s all any of us want, really, animals and humans.

Bless you and the work you do every day just being your loving self. All of our animals are strays and rescues – like you, we can’t bear to see an animal hungry or abandoned – it is like that Chinese curse, once you have saved them you are responsible for them for always. It’s always the right thing to do.

Sorry for you loss, starwarsfreak. You did good for her and it sounds like she was well loved.

Bless you for caring for her! She was lucky to have you – even if not for long.

I looked at the pictures you posted and read the initial thread, Starwarsfreak. You have a heart of gold, and it’s obvious you made her last year very happy indeed. I’m so sorry she’s gone, but rest assured there’s no failure here.


I couldn’t say it any better than that. You done good.

Winky was lucky you found her, and you made her last days lovely ones.